give and give

Deku, once again rendering Todoroki awestruck 

(they’re 2nd years and Deku updated his wall to balance out his motivations)

Me: Shirazu is my favorite Quinx.

Ishida: That is cute.

Me: Eto is my most favorite female character.

Ishida: That is cute as well.

Me (After Tsukiyama family arc): Can’t wait for Tsukiyama and Kaneki to reunite and have discussion after everything that has happened.

Ishida: About that…

Me: Can’t wait for Tatara’s shining moment to see what he can do and to finally find out something more about what happened back then in China.

Ishida: Gotcha.

Me: . …Least Houji is still around. So there is still hope for “China Operation Arc” to happen and to find out more about Tatara trough Houji.

Ishida: (Lol)

Me: I know it is impossible but I would love for Shinohara and Juuzou to reunite once again.


Ishida: Your welcome by the way. 

Me: I would like for Rize’s return in :re and what her character shall bring. I seriously would love to see more of Rize’s development as character. 

Ishida: Ok.

Me: Well at least vodka aunt Itori is finally back.

Ishida: You said something?

Me: I’m starting to like Roma. She reminds me a little on Eto.

Ishida: !!! 


Me: That’s it. You can’t upset me anymore.

Ishida: Oooo is that a challenge I hear? 


i see a lot of people talking about how disrespectful the 2017 version of gyro is, what with him being a “”“bad person”“” and “”“”“probably evil”“”“” and i can’t help but be like. annoyed.

like he’s super clearly not evil. ffs he had a moment where he tried to talk lil bulb into being good again and tried really hard to save it from itself and keep it from hurting anybody, and the list of robots who went bad had a frowny face by them. and yeah, he used some worrying language with the whole like, “bluhhh i’ll show u, i’ll show u all” type deal, but like. preeetty sure he’s just frustrated that so many of his inventions turn bad and now nobody believes in him but scrooge (and also that it was pretty much purely for comedic purposes/to make him look like he’s kinda unstable. like, ya know, they did to quackfaster?)

he super obviously wants to help people and make actually good, helpful inventions. hell, we all already know he makes the gizmoduck suit, right? that’s literally 100% what project blatherskite is gonna be. like. just because 2017 gyro’s eccentric, egotistical and has bad people skills, doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. he’s been in ONE episode thusfar, and not even for very much of it. let’s chill and give him a real chance, ok? please?

i am so gay for first officer michael burnham and we have two. TWO. potential girlfriends for her. cadet tilly and captain philippa georgiou. honestly. my gay heart couldn’t be happier.

Still on a semi hiatus but I had some time this weekend to do a little drawing! Believe it or not, I didn’t realize how much her design looked like Rapunzel’s until it was too late.

Her name is Percie.