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This boy lost his mother when he was 10

Had to kill his own dad whom he loved only 2 years later

Lost his older brother and sister

Was forced to grow up WAAAAAYYYY too young

Had raised a family of 4- one of them being a toddler

Was made to run an institute at the age of 12 with no help whatsoever since it was meant to be a secret because otherwise his family would be torn apart

Fell in love with his parabatai

Had the curse looming over him and Emma the whole entire time

When he finally got his brother back, he had to deal with Mark being broken at the start

Nearly died in his own car because of a poisoned arrow if it weren’t for Emma (honestly I love her) and the parabatai curse

Was whipped and then had to deal with Emma being whipped and unconscious  when he woke up

Was betrayed by his “friend” Malcolm

Had to have his heart broken by his parabatai broken so that she could protect him

Has yet another child to look after

Had met Zara and the cohort

Witnessed the death of his uncle

Had his little sister, who he loves more than himself die in his arms.

And lets not forget how lonely he would have been when Emma went out on dates.

He is most likely going to go through a dark path in QoAaD which might result in his death.

Has he not suffered enough?

alright but have you ever thought about two, three, four……….  [twinkling instrumental intro]…..  meeeet me ihn the halllllwaaaaayyyyyyyyyy……… meet meee in the haallllwayyyyy…… i just left your behdroooommmgive me some moooaaarrrrrrrphiiinnee is there aannyyy more to dooo? …… jusT LET ME KNOW I’LL BE AT THE DOOoR AT THE DOOOOAR! hoping you’ll cooommeee ah-round juST LET ME KNOW I’LL BE On the floooOR on the floorAH! maybe we’ll work it oout…. I GOTTA GET BETTER! GOTTA GET BETT-ER-ERRRR!!! I GOTTA GET BETTER, GOTTA GET BETTERRERRRR! I GOTTA GET BETTER! GOTTA GET BETTEHRRHERRR! and MAYbe we’ll work it oouutttt.. i wahhlked the streeets allllll daaaaaayyy.. running with the thieeeeeeeves…….. [inhale] cause you left [breath] me in the haaaalllwayyyyyyyyyy (give me some moooaarrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee[fade])…. just take the painnn awaaayyyy…. JUST LET ME KNOW I’LL BE AT THE DOOR AT THE DOOR-OARR!! hoping you’ll coomme aroundJUST LET ME KNOW I’LL BE ON THE FLOOR! ON THE FLOOR-OAARRR! maybe we’ll work it ooouttI GOTTA GET BETTER! GOTTA GET BETTER-HER! I GOTTA GET BETTERR! GOTTA GET BETTERRERRRR! GOTTA GET BETTER! GOTTA GET BETTERRR!ER! and MAYbe we’ll work it OUt…… [hawaiian guitar solo]………. [deep inhale] we don’t talk abouuutttt iiiiiiit…………. [breath] it’s somethinnnng we don’t dooooooo….. ‘cause ooonce you gooo withouu’ itt……….. [short inhale] nothing else will do-ooo………….


LOOK! I drew you this thing! Which… I don’t know why I did it, it took hours and a computer could have done a much better job. But I like it anyway, and I hope you do too! And I will send you a higher quality image if you want to use it for… anything. Which you are under zero obligation to do. 

But you ARE obligated to read the fic I wrote for you!!!!!!!

The Tail of Knee(zle) the Bard by Chicken Bake (me)

Summary: Being the master of a kneazle was absolutely horrible. (Or, Harry loves his kneazle to death even if he won’t admit it, and he’s extremely pissed that she keeps running off to Malfoy.)

Tags: Hogwarts Eighth Year, Fluff, Humor, kneazle, uncreative naming, Oblivious Harry, Jealous Harry, over a cat though, not over Draco, nice arms, wanking, Mutual Masturbation, potted sunflowers, sorry these tags are not in order at all, Cheese, Soulmates, Flirting, ignoring quidditch, Awkwardness, UST, linny in the background!, happiness

I hope this was worth the wait and that it makes up for even 1/10th of what you did for my birthday!!! <3<3<3<3<3

Endless struggles of malec fans..

Fans: We want a proper scene of Malec first time.. nothing overly graphic ofc.. but~ a normal proper one.

#Freeform / #Shadowhunters : No worries! You guys gonna love what we prepared for you~! (;●∀●)ゝ”

*proceed to give some ‘faded to black before any actual consent is clearly given’ scene*

Fans: We want more soft!boyfriends #malec~…. please and thank you~

Freeform/Shadowhunters: We got ya back, fam~! (*^∀゚)ъ 

*proceed to…

- Practically show this scene from a galaxy so far away that one needs a high power telescope to see it..

- Deleted this scene completely..

Fans: wth! no no.. as in more casual intimate touching/kissing between them.. nothing over the top ofc~.. just like any other normal couple, y’know~ 

Freeform/Shadowhunters: Ah~..ofc..ofc.. totally got it! ~(^з^)-♡

*proceed to give us Alec being the sweetest most loving boyfriend ever!!!…. to Valentine!Magnus*

Fans:….. Okay you know what, just…fine.. *sigh tiredly*.. could we at least get some sweet hand holding.. this time with REAL Magnus, please~..

Freeform/Shadowhunters: Ofc you could, love~.. (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

Freeform/Shadowhunters: See how much we love you~~ 

♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪


@magnusandalexander our endless struggles.. amirite or amirite? lol.. ^^;;;

#malec #shadowhunters

I’m honestly so pissed off seeing spaces made for creators be taken over by corporations. Youtube, comics, music, TV, movies, they’ve taken everything and  if we lose Net Neutrailty they’ll take the internet. We’ll never see original, thought provoking content again, we’ll never see opinions that go against the hivemind because they aren’t “ad friendly”. 

JFC all music is the same now, protest bands and rock in general have died because they were “too hard” or “too controversial” so all we’re allowed to listen to is bland, repetitive electronic pop. All blockbuster movies have the same fucking formula. People only respond to Disney properties while films that actually make you think or give you an emotional response fade away before leaving the festivals. I know there has always been a separation between mainstream and obscure content, but there’s a difference between being obscure and being virtually non-existant.

And now tumblr is rolling out the newest useless update where they put the “most relevant content” first? All artists I follow are mad that this pushes their original content to the bottom where nobody gets to see it. This is whole situation is unfair to all creative people. Not just on tumblr, youtube, etc, but in general.

New ideas are out there, they’re just being swept under, mismarketed and demonetized.


ya’ll y’all wanted a selfie, ya’ll y’all got one two! 📸

I promised this like a month ago now let’s all go back to our simming and pretend this didn’t happen

Something I like about the Souls series is the recurring characters or character archetypes and how each game handles each one differently. Solaire/Lucatiel/Anri, Lautrec/Creighton/Leonhard, Siegmeyer/Siegward, Patches/Pate, etc. But my favorite is also the simplest, and one of the first characters most players meet in each game.

In Demon’s Souls, this character debuts as the Crestfallen Warrior. Like the player character, the unnamed warrior had died and was brought to the Nexus as a spirit. He resents your host, the Monumental, for bringing him there, and offers basic guidance and background on characters and quests early in the game. The warrior is growing increasingly cynical and depressed as you speak with him, and when you give him news that his wife and daughter have been killed, he falls into despair, stops talking, and eventually fades away into nothingness.

This character archetype next appears in Dark Souls as the still-unnamed Crestfallen Knight. The knight, who like you is undead but has long since given up trying to fight his curse, informs you of what to do to progress in the early game and offers his opinions on other characters who have gathered in Firelink Shrine. As you bring more NPCs to Firelink, the knight starts to think the place is crowded and grows angrier at his own unsatisfactory situation. Finally he leaves, and when next you see him, in New Londo, the knight has given into his curse and become a ravening Hollow whom you are forced to kill.

In Dark Souls II, he becomes Crestfallen Saulden. Saulden tells you about Majula, the ramshackle community in which you find yourself, and points you toward the major bosses, but like past incarnations, he is sullen and is giving into despair. However, as new NPCs begin to populate Majula, Saulden starts to appreciate their company. In the end, he’s still depressed, but your actions inspire him to go on living. He is the only version of this character to survive.

Finally he becomes Hawkwood the Deserter in Dark Souls III. No longer crestfallen but still just as acrid, Hawkwood is a deserter from Farron’s Undead Legion who has taken up residence in this game’s Firelink Shrine. As before he drops hints about upcoming bosses and snarks about fellow Firelink Residents, but now he has an actual questline you can follow. A worshiper of dragons, Hawkwood requires your help on his pilgrimage to Archdragon Peak. Afterwards, he leaves a message for you to meet him in the Legion’s former base of operations. There, Hawkwood duels you for a dragon relic, and dies fighting for a cause he believes in.

What I love about this character(s) is how each game incrementally advances their development. He first gives into despair and fades into nothingness in Demon’s Souls, then loses his mind but retains his body in Dark Souls, finds a reason to live in Dark Souls II, and finally finds direction in life and dies with his mind intact in Dark Souls III. It’s a story of hope and redemption, and although it’s spread across four games and told through a background character, it’s one of the more uplifting stories in the whole Souls series.


WELLLLLlll okay it’s not a shirt, but only because the original image itself was an odd dimension size and a bit too small and resizing it would have made it blurry when printing on a shirt. BUT when I get a bit of free time (pffttttcute Xedra, ‘free time’) I want to remake the image to be of a high enough resolution to print on a shirt. :D

But I do love me some mugs, so I’m more than pleased as punch right now. A mighty thirst indeed ahuhuhuh~ :D Thanks so much, @asrielisdeadandfloweyisabitch <3

Arthur young man you put your clothes back on.

DA4 Wish List

-Tevinter fashion looking as neato as it does in concept art
-Feynriel, Zevran, Fenris, Dorian, and Maevaris
-More cool qunari horn styles
-POC characters actually being POC in the game
-Field trip to Weisshaupt
-not having to kill a single elf the entire game
-More on those lizard people in the deep roads because???
-Sten maybe? (Don’t make me hit him or anything though)
-Long hair options
-Let me explore literally all of the northern countries
-Loot. Loot everywhere. Loot boxes that scale to my character’s level
-Let me ride a wyvern
-I want to adopt druffy the druffalo please and thank you
-zero bears
-Sutherland and co being at least mentioned
-Krem and scout Harding as romance options
-Feynriel as a romance option?
-Answers to: “where the heck is my warden”, “what the heck is going on in weisshaupt”, and “is Hawke still alive if you left them in the fade”
-Give me a pet Dragon
-Hawke bursting out of the fade, perfectly fine, with CL’s “Hello B*tches” playing
-Anders being ok
-I dunno Nathaniel Howe is probably due for a romance this time around
-I’d like to kiss Sigrun & Velanna
-let varric realize he deserves better than Bianca 2k17
-Bring back the inquisitor ft. super cool prosthetic arm
-Abelas somewhere I guess
-Consequences/benefits of drinking from the well of sorrows coming into play
-The return of Dog as a companion