Now that buzzfeed was able to finally upload the video of my friends and I meeting got7, I’ve decided to do a got7 giveaway!! As cheesy as it is I want other fans to be happy and get some signed merch~!!

Prizes (1 Winner~!)

  1. All Member Signed Fly Album
  2. All Member Signed Mad Album


  1. Must be following me (if you just unfollow immediately after the giveaway you’ll be blocked from entering any future giveaways)
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  4. No giveaway blogs are allowed
  5. Make sure you have your parents’ permission to give out your address if you are under the age of 18! International shippnig included~
  6. I will be using to choose a winner and the winner will have 48 hours to reply or another winner will be chosen
  7. If you have anymore questions make sure to message me!

This giveaway will be ending on December 23!!

I don’t know the words for what I see happening in #Aleppo. I don’t know how to make it make sense and I don’t expect it ever will. How did we let it come to this? How did blind eyes get turned for so very long, how did we give headline space to Donald Trump and his circus over this crisis? How do we still. I am heartbroken by every piece of every news coming from Syria, I am destroyed with every image of every bomb dropping, every person killed, every child displaced. It is too much. It is too far. We must stand up and let our voices combine and speak about this. We must help. We must stop brushing under the rugs all things that make us uncomfortable, we must erase the notion that out of sight can mean out of mind. We are here, together, and we are wasting our precious time killing one another for our differences rather than loving because of them. No more. No more. Still, words are hollow if not given shape with action, and so we must act. I have tagged numerous charities that are on the front lines of this tragedy and all of whom need our help so desperately. Give. Please. #StandWithAleppo and put your money where your heart is. Support this global refugee movement and open doors instead of slamming them shut. Help. Watch. Research and learn. Please.

Give to @unicef give to @white.helmets give to @doctorswithoutborders to @icrc or @unitednations and @savethechildren Just give. Help.