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Hey, I made a thing 💖 

I really love Ukiyo-e aesthetic and I thought: “Why not to create an illustration of Yuri on Ice in this style?”
So during many days I made this illustration. Also It was a good exercise to improve my skills with Illustrator. I think in future I will realize more art in this style. Anyway, I post it on Redbubble, if you would like to have a look, I’ll really appreciate it 💖

Ukiyo-e: Yuri on Ice

UPDATE 18/09/2017

Redbubble delated my illustration from the website for “copyright problems” ToT I am quite sad about that, but is it reasonable. Anyway some people ask me where they could buy tshirt and other products made with this illustration. I’ve found a new website, and I will upload there the design. Just be patience >o< Thank you to everyone who has supported my art, you don’t really know how I appreciated your love and sharing 💖

UPDATE 03/04/2017

Finally I uploaded again my Ukiyo-e: Yuri on Ice online, now on Society6!
I know that is a little more expensive than Redbubble, but I’ve always read good feedback about this company and also the offer different type of products. Sorry for this incredible delay >O<