World can't end today~

Yep, today is the 21.05.2011 and according to what Camping says: today the world will end!


Yes, of course! I’ve violet hair. (No, Yomiel. Don’t say that it’s true! XD)

By the way… why am I writing this post? Well, really I don’t know.
I’m tired. Really tired. Last night I didn’t sleep at all because of the heat, but today I had a lot of fun with Yomiel and Giuko ♥
Ah~ I love the day like this! I’m happy~
And tomorrow we go to Salerno to meet the Boss! ♥

Well… now I’m really have to go to bed or I might collapse on the keyboard! Haha~

Ah, one last thing: I ALSO WANT TO GO TO VIGEVANO TOMORROW!! I want to meet my Moony that tomorrow will cosplay Tonks (LOL)~ good luck, my dear~ ♥ 

Oh, and… if you want: me, yomiel & giuko are registred on a cosplay contest, so… if you want to vote for us (if you like our picture), than… here the link: CLICK

Thank you, guys, and… GOOD NIGHT! ♥