Fanfiction - Reflections of an Underworld Judge

So. This was the first thing I wrote and published on Saint Seiya, in my native language, a couple years ago… and last week I translated it in English thinking ‘why the heck didn’t you do it sooner, girl’.

Basically, what I think Rhadamanthys thought during episode 132, when Pandora suddenly decided that the Generals of her army should listen to a lyre concert instead of being in the battlefield doing, you know, their job.


Rhadamanthys landed in front of Giudecca’s palace with a grace unexpected from one of his body size; the wings of his Surplice folded soundlessly over his back.

The Underworld Judge raised his amber-coloured gaze to the doors of Hades’ palace, wondering for the umpteenth time during his short flight from the First Prison what could have passed through Lady Pandora’s mind when she sent those Specters to summon him to Giudecca.

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