While the translation is ‘loose’ from the official Kokaku A site, it’s very clear that something Ghost in the Shell ARISE related is coming soon :)


Formal title, publish date, Visual, dispatch has been lifted!

Information of the ’ Ghost in the shell ’ latest production was announced in September last year was lifted.

[Title] was completed summer dispatch first Ghost in shell riot Evangelion [published] by the year 2015 and post Visual! Dispatch (PC) ↓ dispatch (Smartphone) ↓ introduction ↓ Shirow Masamune teacher message ↓ staff & cast ↓
staffcast.html [origin] Please know all the “Ghost in the shell”.

Come and experience world of “Ghost in the shell” and appeal through this dispatch, Visual.
Also decided the “Ghost in Shell Motoko ARISE’ TV series broadcast from April.

More details will be announced shortly. "Ghost in Shell Motoko ARISE’ ↓ please thank you.



The new Ghost in the Shell movie trailer is out. It pays homage to all the Ghost that came before it, and give a small glimpse of the movie that comes out in 2 and half months… I is excite. I could say I’ve been waiting 25 years for this, since GITS is 25 years old this year, but I’ve only been waiting about 17 ;p


GHOST IN THE SHELL: Stand Alone Complex - First Connection Online

A new GITS game is coming!  It is, of course, another FPS, but it looks good, plays fast, and should be a lot of fun, especially for fans of the series and characters.  Also, this is probably that MMO shooter that was rumored to be in the works about a year and a half ago.  So… hopefully those outside of Japan will be able to play it too!