I seriously doodled one silly pic and my back has been tight and squeezing me all night. After drawing I retired to the recliner where prov and I started watching gits stand alone complex all night. I was actually really comfy for a while. But now I finally go lay down and it’s like my entire spine is trying to have a Charlie horse, owww. Somehow it’s also pulling through my right hip joint too? So weird. 

I know how to fix it, just used the heating pad and after 15-20 minutes it’ll calm down. But by then I have a fever and sweating so no sleep… I guess I could combo with an ice pack under my neck? Then I have to wake up prov or like crawl to the kitchen to get it. And who’re we kidding? My knees vs the hardwood? Lmao trust me I won’t make it past the bathroom. Was different in my mom’s house everything had plushy carpet so wasn’t the worst when my legs didn’t work so good. It’s hilarious how about of these minor inconveniences really pile up, right??

What AJ is really going to do? Let her back cramp. Not use the heating pad to prevent the fever. I can’t sleep with fevers. Breathing and meditation practice for the pain. Hopefully then sleep if my back and hip let up. Just all the other stuff takes too many spoons and it’s sadly way easier to just accept the pain. Mmmrrrr.

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