whenever bloodborne artists draw eileen with her mask off they always draw her with the face of a 12-20 year old instead of one of the oldest (living) characters you can interact with in game 

its so boring and obvious like please, draw more then one female face for once, its not that hard you fucking cowards 

Artık öyle bir duruma geldim ki, hiçbir şey umrumda değil. İnsanlar, hayat, dersler umrumda değil. Kendimi robot gibi hissediyorum. Okula git, eve gel. Ders çalış, sınavlara çalış. Ödevleri yap, bir yandan da üniversiteye hazırlanmaya çalış. Stres, üzüntü, bıkkınlık…cidden insan bir süre sonra bunalıyor, dayanamıyor. Bu nasıl bir düzen yahu? Bu nasıl bir hayat diye sormak hepimizin hakkı bence. Gençliğinizi yaşayın diye zırvalayanlar var birde. Bu mu gençlik?!


Kadın sordu tekrar adama:
- Hiç aşık oldun mu? Hiç düşündün mü bunu?
Adam, böyle bir soruya kayıtsız kalamazdı:
- Tabii ki düşündüm, kim düşünmez ki! Aptalca hayaller bile kurdum… Pasifikte bir ada görmüştüm… Yıldızlara uzansan dokunabileceğin bir yer… İnsanların, ayın ve yıldızların birbirine karıştığı… Onu oraya götürecektim… Benimle dalgalara karşı gelebilecek birini… Ama… Ama bulmak zor…

Kadın, artık sırrını içinde saklayamıyordu, aradaki duvarı(Eriha surları) aşıp adamın yanına gitti…
- Ben… Ben gelirim seninle… Ben seninle o dalgalara atlamaya razıyım…
Adam, yine aldırmaz bir şekilde…
- Hadi git yatağına…
Adam aldırmaz biri miydi peki? Donuk muydu bu kadar…                             Kadın geri döndü yatağına. Ağlıyordu… Nasıl ağlamasın? Adamın elinde sigarası ve görüntüsü.

Kadın uykuya daldı sonra adam doğruldu yerinden… Elini zaten aşılması istenen orada duran duvarın üstüne koydu… Ve sordu:

- Söylediklerinde ciddi miydin?
Kadın uyuyordu… Adamın gözlerinde bir gülümseme…

It Happened One Night (Bir Gecede Oldu)

tabi o zaman yüzünü görebilirsen robin, çoktan ortadan kaybolmuştur. bir insanın gerçek yüzünü asla göremezsiniz demek istiyor da lafı dolandırıyor. git yüzüne söyle robin.

bi yirmi dakika önce şelale de oturuyordum, amasyada olan bilir kışın tenhadır karanlıktır. neyse önümde bi araba durdu içinde dört adam :D ifadesiyle. “bi şey sorabilir miyiz” dedi. normalde kasmam ama yanımda çilli vardı ve adamlar kişner gibi bakıyordu ayrıca aq yirmi metre ötemde bi düzine adam var git onlara sor dimi, direk “yo hayır” dedim bi anda gülümsemeyi kesip “gonyadan geldik yav kafe arıyoruz bacım" dedi gwgnpmgmg “abim dümdüz bas tabelayı görürsün kavşak buz yalnız dikkat edin” dedim ve eyvallahlar içinde uğurladık gnpwp adamına göre muamele de allahlık dönüşler sergiliyorum bu kadar yakşamlar

Siren Song - 3

“Y/N L/N,” Draco repeated her name back to her, tasting the syllables in his mouth. She grinned at him. “Welcome to the best house at Hogwarts. The only house that actually matters.”

“That’s right. Be glad you ended up here,” spoke a handsome, dark-skinned boy who sat directly opposite Y/N. His dark, piercing eyes searched over the pretty girl. “Ravenclaws have no social skills, Puffs are downright boring, and Gryffindors,” he sneered with disdain, “Gryffindors are gits. Simple as that.”

Mentally, Y/N frowned; she genuinely disliked categorizing and stereotyping people without knowing a thing about them. She thought the boy came off a bit arrogant, but she pushed the thought to the back of her mind and decided she wouldn’t make any rash judgements about his character.

Draco interrupted her thoughts, “That’s Blaise Zabini, but no one asked for his opinion at the moment.” Draco was annoyed Blaise had diverted Y/N’s attention away from him.

Blaise glared at Draco, “I can introduce myself, Malfoy, thanks.” He was aware of his natural charm and confident in his ability to flirt. Blaise reached to shake Y/N’s hand, “I’m quite,” he took her hand in his, raised it to his lips, and kissed it, “capable.” He was overtly aware of how soft her skin felt against his lips.

Across the table, Draco felt a jealous twinge burn deep within his core. “As I was saying,” he continued, “that’s Zabini. Sitting to your right is Crabbe.” Crabbe waved a hand covered in a sticky, pink confection that had fallen prey to his voracious appetite moments prior. Without a word, Crabbe turned away from Y/N and began shoving a sugared lemon tart in his mouth; he was rarely satiated.

“And this is Goyle.” Draco pointed to his left and Goyle nodded in acknowledgement at the new girl and mumbled a hello.

“And I’m Pansy,” the dark haired girl sitting next to Blaise and opposite Draco butted into the conversation. “Weren’t you going to introduce me, Drakey?” she whined. He ignored the nickname and shrugged at the girl unconcerned.

Pansy immediately felt contempt towards Y/N and resented her presence at Hogwarts. She viewed Y/N as competition and a threat to her social position in the Slytherin house. Pansy wasn’t blind; she could see Y/N was pretty and she noticed the male students paying attention to her — especially Draco. Jealousy bubbled inside her and Pansy vowed to herself that this horrible girl would never get her Drakey-poo. Scrunching up her pug-like features, Pansy shrewdly scrutinized Y/N hoping to find some unsavory character flaw that might embarrass her in front of her housemates. “So… L/N… I’ve never heard that name before.” Pansy narrowed her eyes at Y/N, “I was always taught the importance of a name. It tells what kind of person you are. Where you come from. If you’re worth the dirt under my patent leather shoes…” A fake smile appeared on her face.

“Well, I’m not from here, so that’s probably why you haven’t heard it before.” Y/N thought this was a self-explanatory concept and wasn’t quite sure what Pansy was getting at.

“Let me dumb it down for you since you’re clearly missing my point. Do you have muggles in your family?”

Y/N, frowning, looked taken aback by Pansy’s unwarranted, snide comment. If there was anything Y/N was not, it was dumb. Few insults could get under her skin, but maligning her intelligence was a sure-fire way to get the new Slytherin to show her fangs. Mocking Pansy’s rhetoric, Y/N retorted, “Let me break it down for you since you’re clearly not understanding me. No, I’m pureblood, but you wouldn’t know my family name because I’m from a different continent.”

The Slytherins, with the exception of Pansy, were relieved to find out that she was no mudblood. Y/N, however, refused to drop the conversation so easily. “But does this really even matter to you?”

“You don’t think blood status matters?” Pansy pressed the issue knowing the other Slytherins would turn on Y/N if she were a blood traitor.

“Are you familiar at all with No-Maj treatment in America? The United States has a long and complicated history attempting to keep the magical from the non-magical—“

“The only thing America’s been doing right.” Blaise smirked at his cleverness.

Y/N’s eyes widened at the intolerance she was hearing. “No,” she countered, “it’s a very backwards view to have, I believe. To distrust or think less of some one because of something they have no control over like blood status… I think that’s close minded and smacks of ignorance.” Her eyes were fire and she waited for anyone to challenge her. Usually laid-back Y/N came to life when defending a cause or idea she felt passionately about. She burned.

Tension in the air grew thick, and a crowd of disapproving faces judged the controversial words pouring out of Y/N’s mouth. She knew she was alienating potential new friends, but she refused to compromise her morals for a few pompous, entitled Slytherins.

Draco Malfoy couldn’t believe what he was hearing . He desperately wanted her to share his views and denounce mudbloods — that would have been far less complicated than the newly conflicting emotions that warred in his mind. He was disappointed with her for not revering blood status like him, yet he couldn’t help but admire her fiery personality. She wasn’t a pushover and that intrigued him. Instead of acknowledging his growing attraction to her, though, Draco Malfoy put up his defenses and turned icy and cruel, “So you’re a blood traitor then?”

His words bothered her more than the others, but she refused to let it show. “If by that you mean I don’t judge people based on something they can’t control, then yes, I am a blood traitor. Purebloods are no better than half-bloods, or no-maj borns. If that makes me a blood traitor, fine. I wear that name with pride then.”

The Slytherins were disgusted with her stance on blood status, and their body language made no secret of that. This girl didn’t belong in Slytherin. She received glares riddled with animosity and spite. Pansy Parkinson looked pleased with this turn of events while Blaise stared at Y/N intensely with folded arms. To her left, however, Draco physically recoiled from Y/N with disgust. “Right then, I suggest you sit somewhere else tomorrow,“ he sneered and turned away from her.


🐱 I took photos of the stickers leftover from SacAnime.  Mostly Ichimatsus, but also a dog Jyushimatsu, which is fitting cuz I need to spay/neuter our stray cats and get them vaccinated!  Like our orange kitten in the first photo, Pete Burns (no relation) 

Our current estimate for getting 4 cats fixed n’ checked out is ~$50, so if you wanna git something from our Storenvy it will help!  Each sticker set is $8-10, but let me know if you just want a single one.  🐱

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Modanın başladığı yerde islam biter... unf

Güle güle git kardeşim. Takip etmeden önce lütfedip blogumda şahsım hakkındaki bilgileri okusan, bir zamanlar “moda tasarım öğrencisi” olduğumu anlar, hiiç takip etme zahmetine girmezdin. Türkiye'de kişi başına düşen okuma oranı 50 saniyeymiş biliyor muydun? Bende geçen derste öğrenmiştim. O 50 saniyeyi beni takip etmeden zahmet edip biyografi kısmını okumaya ayıramadın herhalde, olsun. Okumadığınızı bu kadar belli etmeyin bari.
Güle güle git, ama şunu da bil. Erkeksen, o üzerinde giydiğin pijama bile moda tasarım ürünü. Sabah giydigin gömlek, pantolon, ceket moda tasarım ürünü. Ayağına giydiğin kundura moda tasarım ürünü.
Kadınsan, feraceler bile belli bir kalıpla, belli bir bilgiyle dikiliyor. Terziler moda tasarımcısı sayılmıyor mu sanıyorsun? En kral moda tasarımcılar onlar, yeni yetmelere göre. Sen bir mağazadan satın almadın, gittin diktirdin diye moda tasarıma girmediğini mi sanıyorsun? O bebek kıyafetlerini görüp aşık oluyorsun ya hani, ayy çok tatlııı, diyorsun ya, onları kafalarına göre dikmiyorlar. Hepsinin eğitimi var.
Sen bir çuval bulur kollarını bacaklarını çıkarır, ayaklarına da hiçbir şey giymez, koluna saat takmazsın, o zaman dersin moda tasarım varsa islam biter diye. Moda tasarım demek, senin sokağa çıplak çıkmaman demek.
Allah aşkına bu saatten sonra takip etme zaten. Unf'muş. Hatrım kalır nolur gitme.

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Sorry if this comes across as rude and if you don't want to answer this its fine but what's your sexuality/romantic orientation?

It ain’t rude, but I’m straight. I’ve got a ton of male suitors in the past but nah, I’m a straight white male. Git triggered.

haddinden fazla üşüyorum diye annem bana cuma hastaneye git tahlil yaptır kansızlık olabilir dedi hastanelerden o kadar bıktım ki sadece pekmezle bu ihtimali yenmeye çalışıcam bi de annanem okusun üflesin geçer di mi