Help me select panelists

GITPRO is a global networking platform for Indian Tech Professionals for their professional and self development and for contributing back to the development of India and their respective host society with their knowledge, skills and resources.

GITPRO World 2012 Conference would be focussed on Emerging Technologies and Opportunites for professionals and entrepreneurs. This conference would provide an unique opportunity to understand the wave of emerging technologies that would matter in 2012. This understanding would give leverage to succeed in profession and entrepreneurship. This conference would also give opportunity to meet industry leaders, executives, and fellow professionals from various leding companies and startups.

As part of this conference, I have been asked to lead the panel discussion on Big Data, Hadoop and NoSQL Ecosystem. This panel discussion will be held in Mountain View, CA (most probably at Computer History Museum) on Saturday, February 18, 2012. It will be an hour long discussion with approximately 35 minutes of Q&A initiated by the moderator (me), before the floor is opened to the audience.

There will be 4-5 panelists, excluding the moderator. The panelists would represent the leaders in this ecosystem, and should be illuminating and entertaining, the kind one would pay real money to listen to.

So, please help me choose the panel. You can comment on this post with your recommendations, or DM me on twitter (@techmilind).

(Note: Even if GITPRO is an association of Indian tech professionals, panelists do not have to be Indian tech professionals.)