gitchi gitchi

That T-word. Or G-word. Or C-word.

As silly as it sounds, words do have an effect on you when you’re being tickled. Remember as a child when a family member or friend tickled you and verbally teased you as they did it? Maybe you had a significant other or spouse find out you were ticklish and they used the following words as they tickled you. (Makes my toes curl every time):

-Tickle Tickle Tickle
-Gitchy gitchy goo
-Goochy goochy goo
-Coochie coochie coo

how sagittarius sees the signs
  • aries: adventure buddy!!11!
  • gemini: real?? fake? i do not know
  • cancer: get your ass out of the house gO WILD
  • virgo: closeted psycho
  • libra: let loose a lil
  • scorpio: hot as hell but ur invading my personal space
  • sagittarius: gitchi gitchi goo means that i love u
  • capricorn: yay but nAY
  • aquarius: ur ight. sometimes idk what you're sayin tho pal
  • pisces: feelings are for the WEAK
All Phineas' Lines
Vincent Martella
All Phineas' Lines

All of Phineas’ lines in Disney Infinity, performed by Vincent Martella (The original voice from the cartoon)

Music used is an instrumental version of “Gitchy Gitchy Goo” from the show

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