Newsies Jack and Katherine throughout the years 

Paper Mill Playhouse 2011- Kara Lindsay and Jeremy Jordan

Broadway 2012- Kara Lindsay and Corey Cott

Broadway 2014- Liana Hunt and Corey Cott

1st National Tour 2014- Stephanie Styles and Dan DeLuca

1st National Tour 2015- Morgan Keene and Joey Barreiro

Milan 2015- Giulia Fabri and Flavio Gismondi

I am an equal opportunity Newsies shitposter, so to follow up the Hannukah album, I’ve had Cowboy Kelly and the Jackstreet Boys take on Christmas.

(as always, I worked hard on this, do not steal it or post it elsewhere and do not tweet it to the actors)

Yes, those are newsboy caps on the reindeer. I am nothing if not thorough.

Tracks Include:

  1. The Little Jacobs Boy
  2. Crutchie Got Run Over By A Reindeer
  3. Strikin’ Around The Christmas Tree
  4. I Saw Medda Kissing Santa Claus
  5. Davey the Red-Cheeked Dorkball
  6. Up On The Rooftop (Because That’s Where I Sleep, Apparently)
  7. Strike! The Herald Square Newsies Sing
  8. You’re A Mean One, Mr. Pulitzer
  9. All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Tickets To Santa Fe…Wait, No, Make That Three (Sorry, Dave)
  10. Extra Papes Roasting On An Open Fire
  11. Happy Xmas (Strike Is Over)
  12. The Strikebreaker Suite (instrumental)
The Break

I just realized that with the Italian Newsies, there officially has been a break in the Jack Kelly Actor’s Name Chain:
Jeremy Jordan
Corey Cott
Dan DeLuca
Flavio Gismondi

There’s finally a break in this pattern and I’m not sure how I feel about it…