Tips for the hunt - GISHWHES

1.       Do not throw out any drink containers be it milk or soda related.. these are building materials and/or fashion materials. The same goes for cereal boxes, or basically anything that holds things.

2.       Do pre-wash building materials that held food… ants are not “in” fashion this season, no matter how brave or little they are.

3.       Visit your local thrift stores and take a mental inventory of what they have so once the list drops you can split up forces and gather supplies if they aren’t things you can borrow or find.

4.       Get lots of sleep. You’re going to miss out on a lot of sleep for GISH week due to either excitement, long craft nights, or sheer panic.  

5.       Have/buy/beg for/borrow/make/steal a sock monkey hat. If anything… to have a sock monkey hat.

6.       Practice your drawing skills. The better you are with a pencil = the better you are with a mustard bottle.

7.       Check your camera equipment before the list drops. Use the best lighting and camera you have available for photos because quality counts.

8.       Know where to get kale locally and in large quantities. Or better yet, get your garden planted in time for all the kale you can fit. 

9.       Don’t have a garage sale before gish, because you will no doubt sell something that would have come in hand majorly and be pissed for the whole week about it.  

10.   If you need to have a garage sale after list drop to afford things like sky diving Fridays are usually the best day for garage sales. Seriously dude. Fridays are awesome for garage sales. At least in California anyway.

11.   If you don’t drive. Get all the public transport routes available. Study that shit.

12.   Don’t be bitter at friends for not joining, they aren’t as brave as you.  

13.   Go through past years lists and sketch out what you would have done for those items to practice. Make supply lists for each sketch.

14.   Garage sales are craft/hardware stores but much cheaper and people tend to curb or throw away awesome supplies at the end of the day. Just sayin’.

15.  Your teammates need you to be strong. Do the best to your abilities and make new friends in the process. 

16.    Have a specified area for your workshop if at all possible. Tell your parents or roomates or significant other that the “____” is off limits this week. Be it the garage, backyard, or wherever else you could work.

17.   Having a pre list drop party is a great way to get to know everyone on the team, but a post list drop hangover is to be avoided if at all possible.  

18.   It never hurts to have materials on hand to make a pie.

19.   Make a list of your contacts. The person you know with a horse ranch, the cousin that has a big veggie garden, the coworker with a monster truck, your bf’s sister who is the manager of a library, the weird cat lady on the corner who trains her cats to do circus tricks, the friends mother who runs a youth camp.. the more resources you have and the more you are aware of them and their wiliness to help the better off you may be.

20.   Stock up on caffeine.

21.   You may be run down, ragged, raccoon eyed and ratty haired, but have clean up stuff handy so you look good in those pics. Unless the hunt item has something to do with looking run down, ragged, raccoon eyed with ratty hair.. then, work it girl!

22.   Build a facebook group for easy communication with your team. Be sure its private.

23.   Tumbler, twitter, and the gishwhes chat are good places to recruit for your team, but be aware that thousands of other people know that too. Don’t spam, and start asap.

24.   If you call in sick for the week, you’ve lost a resource. If you take the time off work legitly, the job may allow you to do some ridicules thing there for your hunt items.

25.   Designate ONE person to do the uploaded of the hunt items. If need be put submissions to a vote so nobody gets too upset

27. Realize, that no matter how prepared you think you are. You are not prepared.



Le site for those who interested:

If you want GISHWHES to be a Union, reblog this post.


Let’s work together on this one - it only works if the majority of GISHWHES participants WANT to form a union.

if you do want Gishwhes to be a union, reblog this post. I will compare votes after.



The bargaining unit will be Team Gishminions, who run the Free Jayne Now project.

We are going to bargain for the release of the Prisoner of Gishwhes Tower, since we have no wages. 

In adulthood opportunities for wonder are curtailed. We often unwittingly sign on to a set of interpretations, rules for behavior, and ideas about our world and ourselves. We go into a shopping mall, pay the cashier, and leave the store. We know how the interaction will go; we’re on autopilot. And decades from now, when we lie breathing our last breaths on artificial respirators, we may wonder:

“What was that? Was that a life? Was my life something that I did or was my life something that was done to me?”

-Misha Collins

No but for real, GISHWHES has actually changed my life. I suffer from some really heavy anxiety and depression, and let me tell you, if you asked me last month if I would approach someone unfamiliar, I probably would’ve laughed and said ‘NO!’. But in the last week, I’ve gone out publicly dressed as a rooster, struck up a conversation with a homeless guy, come out as a lesbian to my parents, hugged random people, asked around for materials, and just generally done some really weird shit that I’d never thought I’d have the courage to do.

I mean shit, I can barely order a hamburger from McDonalds. But I’ve felt something shift a little. My attitude isn’t so negative anymore. And you know what? Fuck what people think. If they they I’m strange, then so be it. So seriously, thank you GISHWHES.

We Demand To Be Taken Seriously
External image

Team Gishminions and Team Superwholockers Union Declaration, which was sent under the header “We Demand To Be Taken Seriously.” We were both trying to collect sigs so we teamed up because a Union = all of us, together, emailed from your union reps at Email with any and all union concerns, folks. We are here to represent all of us, including you and ourselves.

To His Royal Highness Misha Collins, Overlord
And Miss Jean Louis Alexander…

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I’m still short a lot of people for my team! If any of you are interested in participating or are participating for GISHWHES and still need a team, please contact me

For those of you already on a team, if you could signal boost this, that would also be great! I have a great group of people in my team and I would love it if some of my lovely followers or some of the tumblr community could participate with us.

Thanks! :)


Something to cheer us up.. No matter what, I LOVE YOU ALL, YOU LOSERS. ;) We might have lost the E! Online poll but we got ourselves a WORLD GUINNESS RECORD! Supernatural for the win!