5 Qs Tag Game

Thank you so much for tagging me,@casandean! Your blog is fantastic :D

Rules: Answer the 5 following questions, tag 10 people.

1) What is your follower count?

        About 80 so far. I’m still pretty new…

2) How many are you following?

        I think just over 150 blogs

3. How many posts do you have queued/scheduled?

        I still don’t know how it works, so 0. If someone could please explain that’s be great :)

4. How long have you had your tumblr?

        Ever since Misha did his GISHWHES Takes Tumblr thing; that’s why I started

5. Tag 10 people.

         If I haven’t tagged you and you want to do this, feel free to do it :)

I tag (more than 10 people; sue me): @suliistya @bluestar86 @miss-devonaire @bubblesmorebubbles @cabinboyjackles @happycas @ozonecologne @istillbelieveindestiel @agent-superwholockian @awed-frog @pinkypiejr12 @that-fucking-flamingo-shirt @assbuttboyfriends @aslightsgoflashing @clockworkpearlgirl @amadtributewithaship @sams-red-plaids @onceuponadestiel @bbycas @the-faerie-circle @sandraugiga @thesassygayangelfriend @cocklesheadboop @bubblemish @seraphmisha

My Dear,

Consider this a friendly (fear-inducing) reminder. If you have not registered for the 2016, do so right now! You must register by Saturday morning or you’re going to miss out on something epic.


Your Concerned Friend.

(PS: Yes, these are my underwear. It’s a long story.)

Okay, guys, thank you so much for all your insightful questions! 

I’ve had a great time on this Answer Time, but Bogg the bird says it’s time for me to go, so I’m signing off now. 

But guess what? 

I’ve got a little surprise for you!

Anyone who registers (or has already registered) for  GISHWHES before 11:59 PM PT tomorrow night, June 14, 2016, will be entered to win a one-of-a-kind exclusive prize pack from me!

This prize pack is really incredible, if I do say so myself. It includes:

  • An ipad pro
  • ipad pro case
  • A Castiel backpack
  • Castiel with wings POP Funko (signed by me)
  • Sam & Dean POP Funkos
  • A Supernatural script signed by the cast!
  • An exclusive “Supernatural” prop book signed by Rob Benedict
  • My last wrap party pass (used)
  • A giant rainbow slinky (also known as “Kim Rhodes’ jump rope” and “Osric’s PHXCon Obessession”)
  • And more surprises!

Hurry over and register for GISHWHES! Tell all your friends and family to register, too.

This prize pack is truly one of a kind, never to be repeated. So don’t miss out! Register for Gishwhes today!

#GiveLoveToday Guidelines

To nominate someone for #GiveLoveToday:

1. Nominate them. Tell us why they are precious to you, how they’ve made a difference in your life and why they deserve recognition and a special something from us. 

2. Tag your post #givelovetoday. 

3. We’ll select the stories that move us most. Those winners will get a prize from us and also will pick something we’ll donate to the charity of their choosing. 

Give someone some love today. Let’s remember that love is stronger than hate, and love always wins.