These are starting to arrive in mailboxes, so I figure it’s safe to share! Here’s the Christmas/holiday card I did for the lovely folks at Gishwhes this year. Also, bonus the two previous years. It’s a delight to do these because I get to mix my photorealism with pastiche nonsense, and I love the vaguely disturbing look that happens as a result. Let me know if you get one! <3


Story by Yaroslav Babych:

“I came to New York in the early morning. My friend was supposed arrive the next day, so I decided to spend the day in Manhattan. It was a typical normal day, until I saw Misha with some girl coming towards me. The only thing at that moment I was thinking “Oh my God”, but I decided not to bother him, because I thought he was already tired of his fans attention.
The next ten minutes the only thing I could think of was: “I’m an idiot”.
It has been awhile and I had almost forgotten about it.
After a short period of time, I decided to go on the famous Times Square stairs, to refresh my memory. And what did I see? There was some tv program shooting with Misha and I realized this is destiny.
I sat on the stairs and waited until they finished shooting. When it ended, all the crew was talking for a pretty long time, so I decided to be brazen and came up to them in the middle of their conversation:
- Hey, Misha
- Hey
- I’m glad to meet you in New York
- Cool
- Can I take a picture with you?
- Sure
I then shamelessly asked the tv program host to take a picture of us. She probably expected me to take a picture with her too, but I didn’t :)
- Thank you, you’re awesome
- You’re welcome, have a good day, bye (he said it in Russian)

And then I happily continued walking around The Big City.”

Special thanks go to Elena Mishina


Our first gifWHES entry! We couldn’t NOT do this one! Llamas forever (even as ghosts)! Side note: Funky Llama wine is pretty tasty despite being so cheap. Also, you just might have seen this wine appear in one of our gIshWhes items this year! #BehindTheScenes

Item 16. IMAGE or GIF. Dinomite needs a surefire way to prevent Llama Ghost from eating all of his ghost cookies without asking! (NOT VERY GISHY, LLAMA GHOST.) Set a trap for a llama ghost or another barnyard ghost, complete with ghost cookies.