the Lord will provide.

He will provide. even in your desperation, in your angst, and in your rebellion, He will provide. He will provide because He loves us and He is pleased by the sacrifices that we make. He provides because He honors His commitment to us as we keep the promises that we make to Him. though we may falter and our hearts are fickle, He is steadfast and unchangeable in His deliverance.

today, i got a job. but it’s not merely a job. it’s another step of faith i’m taking as i commit to this church and this community. it’s the first part of the fulfillment of my promise to God that i will not seek to escape from here but rather stay and learn all that He has to teach me. today is a reminder that God closed many other doors to open one that would be perfect for me. today is a good day where the Lord showed me that He has and will continue to provide.

to God be the glory.

Happy birthday to my dad and my brother. #90 years between them. It’s been awhile since we sat down and had a family dinner. Thank you Jesus for being able to just enjoy the simple things. Being able to see my dad smile and my bro and mom laugh makes me just genuinely #happy. #gisg

God, You humble me again and again with how good you are.

when i doubt Your promises and Your miraculous provision, You show me how You’re taking care of me behind all my doubt and rebellion.

truly i don’t deserve this goodness. and i thank You that You give it so abundantly.

(i got a final round interview with this ann arbor marketing agency!)

oh happy day

in the moment after our good friday service ended, after the shouts of joy and delight when we heard we gained a new eternal brother, everyone prayed for daewoon. for those of us that could reach, we laid our hands on him while others stretched their arms. and just seeing how joyful and how eager we were to lay our hands on him to share a small small part in what is a big defining moment in our brother’s life was just the best reminder of how privileged i am. that nothing i personally did or said brought him to Christ but that God has given me the great honor of hearing his story and letting me be part of an imperfect yet loving community that welcomed him in with open arms. 


this is why we do what we do and may this joy be everlasting in our hearts. let the gospel and the joy that it brings never become stale.

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