New York Fashion Week - New contenders - Part 2.

11. Emma Ellfors (One Management) / Sweden (Mikas) 

The cutest one in the whole bunch! She’s made appearences in London, Stockholm and Copenhagen fashion weeks and now is ready to hit NYC.

12. Genevieve Walsh (Ford) 

One of the few platinium blonde I like. Really digging for her melancholic look.

13. Gisele Pletzer (One Management) / Australia (Busy Models)

One word: BROWS!

14. Gizele Oliveira (IMG) / Brazil (Ragazzo)

She’s like a breeze of fresh air among other new faces. I think she’s still very new but I’m sure her agency is trusting her natural potential for a reason. 

15. Grace Simmons (Next) / Australia (Chic Management)

As other girls featured in this list, she debuted past July in Christian Dior Couture show in Paris and to my surprise, she looked amazing. I never like contest girls but I have to make an exception with this cute redhead.

16. Ingrid Williams (Trump) / Australia (Vivien’s)

Maybe too cute for my taste but I always have a sweet spot for brunettes with bright eyes. 

17. Jessica Peel (One Management) / British (M+P)

Totally feeling that rocker-angry look. Hope she delivers, can’t wait.

18. Jillian Christmas (Major Models) 

Definetely a MAJOR contender! And the fourth redhead on my list. Can’t explain in word this girl’s potential, just look at her!

19. Jo Molenaar (DNA) / Netherlands (Paparazzi Models)

Not a newbie but this will be her first time in NYC. She changed her hair color a couple of times, I think blonde suits her better. Hopefully her clean look will fit any designer.

20. Katharine Mackel (DNA) / America (Les Fleurs) 

Also debuted in the last Christian Dior couture show, that brought her to the scene. It’s difficult to find a dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin girl with this interesting look. And by the way, her bone structure in to die for!