Gisele Ganne’s jewellery has blazed the pages of Vogue, i-D, ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar. Why? Because fashion loves any excuse for big bold beautiful jewellery, especially of late when it’s celebrating death, whether it be human, animal or relationship.”

Ok, so I have just come across these incredible creations by Gisele Ganne. Each piece is so intricatly, simply beautiful (if that is such a thing). I love big jewellery and I love a sense of darkness and magic to pieces and these perfect that. It is hard to say though, if I owned these pieces would I wear them or would I simply just display them as centre pieces in my home… No, these pieces are made to be worn, designed to work as body art and bring alive any outfit. 

Absolutely IN LOVE. EPIC.

Source: Dontpaniconline