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Goddess Guide…

This book is undoubtedly one of my favourite reads. It’s my go-to guide when I’m doubting my style intuition. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a strict set of rules on how to dress, nor does it promise to miraculously change your body shape with just 10 items of clothing. It’s more of ta reasure trove of addresses, phone numbers and websites for the most eclectic bunch of stuff, ever. To put it simply it’s a guide for any “goddess”.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that the author Gisele Scanlon is a fellow Irish lassie and I ‘get’ her witty sense of humour, or if it’s her 'open arms’ attitude but there’s something very warming and intriguing about this book.

Gisele shares the secrets of living an unforgettable and desirable life. She seems effortlessly cool and knows the go-to places in Dublin, London and New York. She also just happens to chill with Louis Vuitton in Paris while casually discussing how those famous red soles did become so famous…Jealous? Me!? Never!

I have a hell of a lot of respect for Gisele Scanlon and I absolutely love to see Irish people doing so well in the fashion world as I feel we’re often overlooked. In fact, I’ve just ordered her second book The Goddess Experience from Amazon and can’t wait for the postman to deliver it. Any goddess needs this book in her life even if it is just for the pretty illustrations.

Katie x


Gisele Scanlon of the @GoddessGuide is a FABULOUS artist, illustrator, writer, fashionista and lifestyle guru! I was lucky enough to be featured in her book The Goddess Experience: Goddess Guide II under my former business name, “LIAISON”. This illustration is by Gisele, and it’s of Courtney Love wearing my headdress (which was also worn by Courtney in the March 2010 issue of SPIN magazine, photos shown here).