sarcoptid asked:

1&3 for the string bean annnnd 9 for the girzzly bear :>

What’s your OCs favorite color?  Man I dunno…it’s a mystery. If only I drew him in it all the time because I’m a lazy fuck??? Hmmm.
Probably something inbetween Red and Blue? What would you even call that Bled? Reue?

What’s your OCs favorite food? Anything that can be grabbed quickly and pocketed easily. Warm, tart, sweet, umami. Things that crunch when he bites into them, cascades of golden brown flakes raining down onto a tired purple shirt where he therein gets his finger and one, two, three dot the crumbs up and puts them in his mouth. Grease, juice, running down his chin, teeth biting and then sucking, a mouth swallows and a long pink tongue comes to do the rest, lapping up whatever liquid left, and cleaning hands that only become sticker as lips come to nip and suck.

He’s not particularly picky because he just likes FOOD but he’s mostly a fan of really cheap and greasy street food or fresh fruit like avocados or mangoes. And freshly baked bread. 

What are some of your OCs weaknesses? Kankz has a shit knee that has a chance of completely stiffening up when it gets too cold, he’s missing his right eye and the shrapnel from the explosion that made his right ear into swiss cheese also completely messed up the hearing on that side - he can still hear but it’s really mufled, like it’s constantly stuffed with cotton wool.

He’s also like, 55? 56? He’s no spring chicken. 

Kankz also has a weakness for children, cherry pie, thoughtfulness, holding hands and kisses on his neck and jaw but shhhhhhhhhhh