#look at her #look how much she has grown since the pilot #she doesn’t need saving anymore #she can save herself #look at this tiny warrior #so brave and powerful #i am so proud #like so so so proud #she has grown from this helpless little girl who didn’t have a clue of what the fuck was going on #for this girl who can kickass and kill demons without anyone’s help #yaaas clary #yo go girrrrl


“I would really like Oliver to value what they have and or make it known… show how much he values what they have. I think he shows how much he values Felicity as a person, but I would like to see the acknowledgement of the chemistry, if that makes sense, even if it doesn’t happen. I would like to know that - I think Felicity would like to know that she… that it’s two-sided, because I don’t think Felicity knows.”

me watching 4×7 clip 1:

* omg, sana you smol little angry human bean, u perfectly angry basketballin’. go girrrrl

*yousef, no, wtf i’m mad at you, no you don’t get to do this

*elias no, let sana be angry, that’s her science budy, they are brotp

*ok isak you little shit what did you do to make elias punch you all bloody, we need to talk, like boi

*omg, no, ok sana is smiling. you’re all forgiven


“How is your new school, Rah-rah? Is it fun? Whats it like? Are there lots of people there? Do you have to share a bathroom with the girrrrls? Do your teachers sleep there too?”   

“Whoa, slow down Jellybean, one question at a time….” Jarrah paused for a moment before taking a deep breath and answering all of the questions Quinn had just shot at him  “Let see… so, It’s fun and it’s big and there are lots and lots of people there… and no, we don’t share bathrooms with the girls, there is a boys bathroom and a girls bathroom, just like at your school… Annnnnd yes, some of the teachers sleep there too, but not all of them..”  

Quinn thought for a moment “Whats it like sleeping at school?”

“It’s ok, I mean, the bed isn’t as comfy as my bed here, and we have to have lights out by 10pm every night.. But,  I share a room with 3 other guys and they’re a lot of fun and we all get a long really well, so being able to hang out with friends all the time is pretty cool…And, there are no parents to tell you what to do all the time” Replied Jarrah with a wink

“Wow, boarding school sounds fun!” Smiled Quinn 


Going to Scandinavia for these boys…. what the actual fuck?? Soooo pleased I invested in this vacation!!! This experience was so unreal, I was able to see Ghost on their home court. I met so many friends from all over the world, one of them was the lovely @hekasblawg girrrrl I miss your face already 😚

These gifs are made from videos I personally recorded at Valby Hallen & Hovet. You’re more than welcome to use them with credit.

Sorry it’s mostly Aether.. he was adamant about demanding my attention! Goddammit he stole my heart 💗

I might post more…. we’ll see

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GIRRRRL what are some of ur fave headcannond abt the cullens??

OH MY GOD okay fasten your seatbelts kids cause we’re going for a RIDE

okay okay I need to stop myself before I begin or I will list out EVERY SINGLE ONE so I’ll limit myself to two per person, one hilarious and one sweet ( and I’m going to use my own cause there are so many amazing ones out there like Emmett giving Esme rocks with #1 MOM omg)


- at work he constantly carries hot tea/ has pocket warmers in his coat pockets so his hands are warm and his patients don’t feel uncomfortable if he has to touch them

- he had a phase in the 50′s were he was OBSESSED with magic tricks. It started out with the coin-behind-your-ear trick cause he wanted to cheer up the sick children at work, but escalated quickly. At first everybody went along with it because it was Carlisle  and you don’t say no to Carlisle, but Esme put her foot down when he stood in front of her with a sequin dress in one hand and a chainsaw in the other one

-She’s an actual fairy godmother and sends out anonymous gifts to families ( especially single moms) that are struggling. She never really talks about it but there are records and receipts in her desk about anonymous money that went to a family whose house burned down ( surprisingly, the sum comfortably covered the expenses Esme charged for rebuilding it and left over a nice financial cushion as well), or about a car that mysteriously appeared in a driveway after Mrs Olson’s old one broke down and she didn’t know how to get her five kids to school, as well as a good dozen drug bills that are mysteriously paid for every month by an unknown benefactor

- Once Emmett coerced her into playing an Ego-Shooter against him and she fucking destroyed him and neither of them have talked about it ever since


- he uses his talent to kind of ‘shape’ conversations so the other one says something that’s the perfect opener for him to say something utterly pretentious sophisticated ( that’s reason number three why it bothers him that he can’t hear Bella cause he has to improvise, and with the one person he desperately want to impress, too!)

- he was the one who gave Carlisle the idea with the islands as a gift because Esme was thinking a lot about how she was missing the sun and swimming, and he helped Carlisle deal with everything because Carlisle doesn’t speak Portuguese


- he once got lost in a deep sea trench cause he wanted to see what’s down there and he kind of didn’t take into consideration that even vampire eyes can’t see if there is no light at all and the pressure kinda messes with your senses ( they had to tie a rope around Edward and send him on a rescue mission) he still considers it a success cause he got to eat a shark on his way back up

- (I’ll say it again) HE BRAIDS ROSE’S HAIR AND HE IS GOOD AT IT ( and proud of it too)


-She might or might not own one of the six Bugatti Royale 4 that she might or might not have smuggled out of Europe through the parisian sewers during World War 2

- She made Edward leave a bag of money on Vera’s porch a few months after she ‘died’. She couldn’t live the life she had wanted- rich and a mother with a loving family- so at least Vera should.


- he doesn’t exactly consider Esme as his mother ( because lbh he’s much older than her) but they are very close nonetheless, and he is very grateful to her because she was the first one who immediately accepted him ( as a person, and not just as Alice’s creepy, scarred extension) so he accepts her as his Mom.

he practically single handedly built  Bella’s cottage so he wouldn’t need to feel the…. exitement of the newlyweds all the time


- between her second birth and finding Jasper she definitely worked as a medium and joined a circus with a fancy tent, tarot cards and everything

- she often lies about good news, like telling Bella “ Oh, I love what you’ll get me for graduation” even she hadn’t actually seen anything yet, because she knows that a positive mindset and an optimism works wonders for shaping the future ( like, you know, telling Edward he will fall for Bella anways, so get it over with already…)

- she keeps on freaking about her birthdays so much that Emmett starts buying her anti-age products as birthday gifts, which usually results in a birthday wrestling match ( she wins the first year, afterwards she loses everytime, which results in jokes about how she’s really getting older, huh?)

- eventually she learns to control her power so much that she is, with some effort, able to block Edward’s talent from the rest of the family. They are used to it and don’t mind anymore, and she doesn’t do it all the time ( because Edward feels slightly uncomfortable too, like he’s suddenly gone half-deaf) but she is able to give her family privacy and Edward respite from all the noise. She literally gives him peace of mind.

okay I have like a ton more but I’ll stop now. If you want more, you can always ask though :)