fairy-butt  asked:

omg i just saw your fandom post and im scREAMIN I LOVE SGT FROG , CAN U IMAGINE A OSO/SGT FROG CROSSOVER

I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THAT FOR A WHILE TBH?? Particularly how Giroro and Choro are super similar and how Oso and Keroro are similar too despite being reversed colour scheme wise.

and now you’ve given me an excuse to draw it so HERE I GO.

aand a little bonus…


I saw @nyublackneko post about this crossover, and I love it!!!
Both Undertale and Keroro!
They use to be the anime I had to wake up early on weekends to watch!
I especially love Corporal Giroro! And also Undyne is the first character I like from undertale >///<
They perfectly match!! I love those pair you made! I bet they’re gonna be best buddies!


The Evolution of the Concept of Keroro Platoon

They are showing of Mine Yoshizaki’s style, really were changing the designs with colors in some years, first the original manga later the two animes: original and Flash. Enjoy!

These designs from Mine Yoshizaki’s different styles made by me~

Note: for the full pictures, must credit by me, thanks!


Keroro Platoon’s Original Dragons

Look at cute creatures! I designed these froggies are based the original dragons who someone created them, like original characters. I did five different original designs~
However they don’t look like Dragon Warriors from Keroro SuperMovie 4, I wanted to fun drawing about they are most adorable and badass
All they are covered with feathers (some parts)!!


seriously though is no one going to talk about how in episode 329 in Keroro Gunso; when Natsumi loses her bikini top and Keroro and Tamama start going over to her to tease her, Giroro goes in blindfolded to stop them.

let me repeat myself.

he goes in