A trend/ Boy trouble


So what if we started our own trend. Yes I know, I only have like 5 followers but hey, you take what you can get. 

This is our trend (for anyone who wants to join) 

I name one song each day and then the next person who sees it has to make up a song has to think of a song that ends with the last letter of the song I named. The the person afterwards will post a song title that ends with the last letter of the song that the person before sent. And so on… 

I know it’s boring but heck, what if this is the only excitement my life will get. Lets give it a shot. Just saying… I’m once again here with a problem.

So i met this boy (lets call him… brunette boy) and he’s a complete charmer. He’s into all the things I’m into and he’s mega cute. He lives in Holland and I live across the world. We met at a camp and I just thought he was cute. He’s funny, charming, brilliant, talented, and anything you can look for in a guy plus more. 

Here’s the thing, He’s always super nice and funny when were “alone” or not in a humongous group. (3 times now we were accused and asked if we were dating haha). When we were in a really big group he would be kind of stand off-ish. Then on the last day we went home “together” and as soon as I got off the bus we were just 2 strangers. Then on skype it’s like we knew each other as best friends and as if he confessed his feelings, i turned him down. That kind of awkwardness except it never happend. 

What do I do?

Girly Diary Done

(what do you guys think of the trend idea?)

Deus. Me perdoa por todas as vezes que eu pequei sabendo que era errado. Me perdoa por julgar as pessoas quando Tu dizes que eu devo amá-las e não julgá-las. Me perdoa por falar “seja feita a Tua vontade” e querer fazer a minha. Me perdoa por todos os pensamentos ruins e todas as palavras torpes que vieram na minha cabeça. Me perdoa por não ser a filha perfeita. Me perdoa por me afastar de ti. Me perdoa por todos os meus pecados. Mas Deus, se não for incomodo, quero Lhe pedir uma coisa. Cuida da minha família, por favor. Que nenhum deles tenha doenças inesperadas e que eles possam viver muitos anos ainda comigo, cada um deles. Abençoa também os poucos amigos que permaneceram comigo, Senhor. Que o Senhor possa estar cuidando de cada um e trazendo felicidade pro coração deles. Abençoa os que se afastaram de mim, Senhor, abençoa-os para que eles possam ter uma vida feliz e próspera. Abençoa também os quw me odeiam e me acusam, Deus. Que o Senhor possa estar tirando todo rancor e ódio do coração deles. Abençoa também os que eu não conheço, Pai. Que eles possam estar descansando em Seus braços, Deus, e que eles possam estar se alegrando em Tua presença. Deus, me abençoa. Eu sou falha, eu sei que sou. Mas eu peço como sua filha, que me perdoe e me abençoe, que me dê capacidade pra enfrentar os meus problemas e que eu possa estar cada vez mais próxima de Ti, ó Pai. Que o Senhor possa estar me dando inteligência, força, paz, graça, alegria, amor e vontade de Te buscar, Pai. Que o Senhor possa estar abençoando todos os passos que eu der durante a minha vida. Eu te amo, Deus. Obrigada pela minha vida, pela vida dos meus amigos e da minha família, ó Pai. Obrigada por se fazer presente na minha vida. Eu te amo muito, Deus.
—  Uma carta de oração para o Papai.
Hey! Its me again!

Hey it’s me (even if you dont know you)

So there is this blog on tumblr and she posts pictures. Since of lately she has had the same username and she posts blog posts now as-well. Ok I get that it’s ok and whatever but come on. same username? Her username is girlydiaryx She is brilliant and follow her but whoever you are. will you pretty please change your username? Before i chose my username I searched the entire web to see if I was copying anyone’s username and nothing came up. Do you mind?

Anyway, I’m a singer and I sing but not a lot of people know this. I write my own song as-well. Here it is:

If I were to leave

If I were to leave you

All upon the world yourself

Would you really care

Or would you find someone else

If I were to leave you

Would you come right after me

Or would you find a new girl

Who could never be so real


I can see I was never your princess

I can see I was never really cared for me

You never wanted me for me

If I were to leave you

Right after you said “I love you”

Would you come and sooth me

Or would you find someone new

[Chorus] x2

I can see I was never your princess

I can see I was never really cared for me

You never wanted me for me

If there was a new girl

What would she treat you like

Would she be real special

Or would she just be mean

I hope you guys like it and girlydiaryx Please, Please, PLEASE change your name or I will but I really don’t want to go through a lot of trouble just to find a username again. THANK YOU

xoxo girly diary

Sicky Sick


So I’m sick. AHHH, have been for a week now. It completely SUCKS!

I have a sore throat and stomach ache and a headache. AHHH it sucksssssssss

Im here though and I have a new song that I wrote called

Dance together

Take my hand

and lead the way across the floor

move your feet

and glide from side to side

Move your body

to the beat of mine

turn around 

and take me with you on this journey


Cause we’ll dance together

this can be forever

It’s just me and you

and it’s a dance for two

Dance with me

and slide into oblivion

on your feet

make me feel the rhythm 

Hands in mine

close enough to touch

you’ll be fine

dance with me by my side


Cause we’ll dance together

this can be forever

It’s just me and you

It’s you and me

just one night and we’ll be free

dance like no-one’s there

this can be my last dance for all I care


Cause we’ll dance together

this can be forever

It’s just me and you

The song today is Painting Flowers by all time low

Girly Diary