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so i got my driver's permit in the mail today, and my dad said i had to carry around a purse now, but i hate purses, they just make me feel really girly and weird idk i just don't like them, i want to just like carry around a wallet in my pocket but he won't let me and i just uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

well i mean your dad isn’t you so do whatever you want honestly and if it makes you feel weird then get like a little hand purse or something so it’s not like huge and just switch it out with a wallet or something when your dad isn’t around xD

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The fact that Tom happens to wear face masks cracks me up😂

It’s so adorABLE!! I like the fact that he doesn’t think it’s weird or “”girly”” like some boys do but I guess he understands that ya boy’s gotta look good haha

August, what?

01 Aug * People in the office, as expected got surprised that I’m already wearing my pair of eyeglasses. I need to get used to it though.

02 Aug * Celebrated Ms. Faye’s birthday.

03 Aug * My niece, Aria, visited us in the house! I went to EO to adjust my eyeglasses. Hindi kasi pantay. Unfortunately, the technician wasn’t around so I need to go back the next day.

04 Aug * I didn’t went to EO since I have some errands to do at work.

05 Aug * Finally, my eyeglasses our now adjusted. Di na ko mukhang tanga. Nakatagilid kasi siya. Hindi pantay sa may ilong ko.

06 Aug * Ana and her boyfriend visited me at our house.

07 Aug * Went to the cemetery to visit Tatay & our relatives.

08 Aug * Wearing girly stuff always bring weird feeling to my spine. Di talaga ako sanay. Most of us in the office wore corporate dress kaya keri na rin.

09 Aug * The usual tuesday-busier-day-than-monday. I also went for a jog. Finally jusko!!

10 Aug * Interviewed and oriented possible applicants. Meh.

11 Aug * Preparation of our manager’s birthday celebration.

12 Aug * Ms. Lalaine’s birthday celebration!

13 Aug * ALYSSA VALDEZ SKILLS CAMP!! Will post some photos. Idk kung anong pumasok sa isip ng mga kaibigan ko at nag-invite silang mag-inuman. At sa bahay pa talaga namin. Epic day indeed! I can still remember a posted something during this day. Here.

14 Aug * H-A-N-G-O-V-E-R while attending the second day of the AV Skills camp here in Cebu. I personally see the Alyssa Valdez my friends. DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!

15 Aug * My mom called me while I was on my way home and it was Aria who’s on the other line. Ang cute cute niya nung sinabi niya na, “Ate Jeje!” Nakakagigil! Sa Jollibee kami naghapunan dahil favorite place ni Aria yun. Pumunta rin kami ng peryhahan. Papalit na kasi ang pyesta sa bayan namin kaya may mga peryahan at activites every single night.

16 Aug * Usual working day. Meeeh.

17 Aug * Went to town para bumili ng ulam but we end up buying a new pair of affordable sandals and a necklace. Gaaad, ang layo pa ng payday tas gastos ako ng gastos -_-

18 Aug * Fetched Hakan, our Turkish intern based in our Makati branch. He came to Cebu for a visit.

19 Aug * Hakan visited us in the office. “Might” post a group picture of us. Whenever I remember him, naalala ko mga panunukso ng mga ka-officemates ko sa'kin. They’re pushing me to have a boyfriend pucha! Hahaha! Wtf naman.

20 Aug * Went to Kawasan Falls at Badian with Hakan and Zane. “Might” blog and post a picture pag tinopak ako. Hahahaha!

21 Aug * REST DAY UGH FINALLY. I was also able to watch the livestream concert of Coldplay. Damn feels!!!

22 Aug * Our town proper’s fiesta. Buti na lang maaga akong pumasok para iwas traffic. I wasn’t able to attend the Holy Mass since I came all the way from the city.

23 Aug * Dahil tinamad akong maglaba ng uniform, nakacivilian lang ako. No big deal. 

24 Aug * Pumunta ako sa kabilang bayan para magpahangin at para lang bumili ng siomai. Lol. Pag marinig ko lang kasi ang alon ng dagat, solved na ko. Okay na ako agad. I stayed there for an hour. Just for a breather.

25 Aug * Jean’s sister treated us two boxes of pizza!!!

As much as I want to put details, my laziness is at its peak as of the moment. Hopefully I could catch up and blog properly in the next couple of days.