~Good time of day everyone~ 🌸Have almost finished my desk decoration and organization, there also will be 2 shelves, but I’m already in love with the result🌸 🌿The printable quotes I find on the Internet are amazing and look so pretty🌿 🌸Also find the printable to do list really cute and funny, cupcakes are everything🌸 🌿There’s still more to come, but I am happy with how it’s turning out🌿 ~Have a great time everyone~

Super messy doodle of Leo and some Kirans because I’m desparate to summon my kid ;-;

It’s a bit sad that Team Leo lost but he still managed to get a lot of points so I guess it’s not that bad! >: D


Ok weird life update thingy

So,,,,I’ve worked out that I’m a transgender boy. That much was hard to come to terms with.

HOWEVER (this is where it gets weird)

I have a huge fear of change (it took me over 5 months to start using they/she pronouns n I’m still not entirely comfortable with those) so, I will not change my pronouns to use he/him. I maybe, at some point will switch to he/she, or she/he, since they/them doesn’t fit very well with me anymore.

I’ll probably rant more about this if you ask questions.