Stiles x Reader

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Stiles could tell from across the field that you’d had a bad day, having seen throughout the week how the little things pilled on, refusing to ask for help you seemed to deflate in front of his very eyes.

“Stilinski!” Coach yelled when a ball sailed through the air and Stiles missed it, only to be smacked in the face with it.

“Sorry Coach.” Stiles muttered, glancing back to see you’d hurried off into the school.

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May The Best Man Win || Hoshi vs Woozi

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Title: Boyfriend vs Best Friend

Words: 3.6k

Genre: angst??

A/N: Okay, so I’m hoping to make this the start of a new seires. It’s all really based off a recent dream that I had and I hope it turned out as well as I imagined it. After this part is posted, I plan on making a separate ending for each boy so you can chose who you prefer to end up with. I also plan on doing this for the rest of the members, so if you end up enjoying it, please let me know so I can try and get these parts out as soon as possible! Thank you!

Soonyoung felt sick to his stomach. And no, this wasn’t because of the bad sushi he had ended up eating for lunch, but rather because of the couple across the room from him. There sat across the room his group mate along with his best friend, basically flirting their asses off as he watched from afar. In all honesty, it had been his own fault that he was so jealous over their relationship. If he had introduced [y/n] to his group members, she would have never met her current boyfriend, Jihoon.

Soonyoung has been madly in love with [y/n] ever since they were kids. He remembers specifically being the outcast in their primary school days. Everyone thought he was weird and ‘girly’ all because he loved to do dance. He tried to be social and he tried to fit in, but no matter how hard he tried his class mates would always push him away and tell him that he was too abnormal to hang out with him. He had lost a lot of self-esteem and social confidence throughout that experience. It wasn’t until one day when a new transfer student had arrived at his school and sat down next to him on the bench outside at the playground. The young girl had introduced herself as [y/n] and asked him if he would like to be her new best friend. Ever since then the two of them had been glued to each other’s side, even all throughout their high school years into Soonyoung’s pledis trainee days.

The day he introduced [y/n] to the rest of seventeen was the biggest mistake of his life. No, he doesn’t mean it in a mean way, it’s just that the day he introduced her was the day he had actually lost her. At first the flirting between both Jihoon and [y/n] seemed playful and harmless as if they were just a pair of casual friends, but somehow and in some way Jihoon had ended up asking out [y/n] before Soonyoung even got the chance to confess, not that he would have the balls to anyways.

Soonyoung groaned as he watched the couple share a quick kiss from across the room. Both [y/n] and Jihoon looked up at the dancer with a quizzical look.

“Is something the matter, Soonyoungie?” [y/n] asked.

“Uh yeah! I’m in love with my best friend but she’s dating my group mate instead and I’m not okay with that!”


He wanted so badly to scream that out loud, but he bit his lip to prevent himself from doing so.

“Uh yeah, I’m just having trouble thinking about what choreography to create for out newest single,” Soonyoung answered.

[y/n] sent him one of her heartwarming smiles. Soonyoung swore he melted at the sight of her as butterflies fluttered inside his stomach.

“I know you’ll do great, Soonyoung!” She exclaimed, “If you’re having trouble, maybe you could ask Jihoon for help. He did want to become a part of the performance team originally.”

“I’ll be sure to take that into consideration,” He stated as he stood up, “I’m going to go to the practice room and try to dance around for a bit, don’t miss me too much.”

Soonyoung walked over to [y/n] and ruffled her hair before leaving the room and closing the door behind him. After he did so, [y/n] fixed her hair and turned back to her boyfriend. She furrowed her brows in confusion as she looked at Jihoon.

“Did he seem kind of ‘off’ to you?” She asked.

Jihoon shrugged his shoulder and grabbed [y/n]’s hands in his own.

“Maybe he got annoyed with the skinship we were doing together. It’s not something I do in front of people usually.”

“I understand, but I’ve known Soonyoung my entire life and he’s never really acted like this before. You should know, the two of you have been trainees with each other for years, I’d even go as far to say that you are best friends, maybe even brothers!”

Jihoon sighed and caressed [y/n]’s faces with his thumb gently. He smiled at her softly before pushing some of her hair out of her eyes.

“You want me to go talk to him,” He stated bluntly.

[y/n] nodded and kissed his nose softly.

“You guys are way closer than the two of us are. It must be a guy thing. If anyone can get him to open up, it’s you.”

Jihoon chuckled slightly.

“Don’t you think it’s the opposite way around? He’s been your childhood friends, the two of you guys are basically siblings. He’s probably told you everything,” Jihoon stated as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Jihoon,” [y/n] started, “As close as Soonyoung and I seem, he’s always had an issue with opening up to me. There’s something that’s been bothering him ever since you and I first met. I’ve tried to get him to tell me but he shakes it off saying it’s fine. Can you please just ask him, or at least try…for me?”

Jihoon sighed and nodded his head slightly. He looked up at his girlfriend with a slight pout and soften his look on her.

“You’re lucky I love you,” He answered.

[y/n] squealed in excitement as she leaned forwards and placed a loving kiss onto her boyfriend’s pout. Jihoon fixed his pout and smirked slightly to himself as he kissed her back. Once the two of them pulled apart, [y/n] pushed Jihoon off the sofa slightly and motioned for him to follow Soonyoung to the practice room.


Jihoon shoved his hands into his pocket as he rounded the corner that lead to the designated practice room for Seventeen. To be honest, Jihoon wasn’t really looking forward to having a deep talk with Soonyoung. It wasn’t that he had anything against him, but ever since he and his girlfriend got together, he’s seemed a little distant and awkward, especially around Jihoon. Maybe it was just the thought of his two best friends dating, but whatever it was, he and Soonyoung definatly weren’t as close as they used to be back in the pre-debut years.

Loud music of their newest song echoed into the hallway as Jihoon finally reached the door. He could hear the sound of feet scuffing across the floor until it came to an ubrupt stop and a loud groan that followed. The music stopped playing completely and it was silent for a few seconds. Jihoon took that as his queue to walk in, but the second he put his hand on the door knob, a voice from behind made him retract.

“You don’t seem completely focused, Hyung,”

It was Chan.

“I’ve just got a lot of things on my mind. Things you wouldn’t really understand,” Soonyoung’s voice echoed.

“What things, maybe I can help,” Chan replied.

Jihoon couldn’t tell what was going on, but he heard the shuffling of feet walking across the floor. Jihoon stood up on his tip toes so he could get a peak of what was happening from the small window on the door. He saw Chan walking closer to Soonyoung, stopping in front of his hyung and looking up at him.

“Like I said, you wouldn’t understand. It’s too difficult for a young one like you to understand,” Soonyoung said as he walked over towards the mirror that was plastered along the wall.

“You never know until you ask,” Chan piped up, “Plus, if something is bothering you it usually helps to tell someone about it. You know, just to get it off your chest instead of keeping it bottled inside.”

Soonyoung sighed deeply before turning towards Chan, leaning against the mirror and slumping down to sit on the floor.

“It’s [y/n],” He spoke, “It’s all because of [y/n].”

The mention of her name make Jihoon’s heart flutter and suddenly, he became more interested in what was going on, not just because his girlfriend was the reason, but everything that involves her makes him excited. It’s a natural thing for a guy to become involved with anything that includes his girl, right?

“What did Noona do?” Chan asked as he sat on the floor across from Soonyoung.

“Too much,” Soonyoung stated, “She broke me. Not intentionally, but it happened. I used to be so cheerful and happy and then she completely broke me. It’s all I can think about these days.”

“How so? Did she declare someone else her best friend? I know I would be hurt if something like that happened,” Chan said as he leaned closer to his hyung.

“Not quite,” Soonyoung replied, “It’s a little more heartbreaking than that.”

“Well, you didn’t start acting all moody until-“ Chan cut himself off as his jaw dropped. He clapped his hands loudly on his thighs in realization.

“You like her, don’t you Hyung?” Chan asked, “You’re heartbroken because [y/n] agreed to go out with Jihoon hyung over you.”

Soonyoung was silent. That was all that Jihoon needed to confirm that Soonyoung was in fact in love with [y/n]. He clenched his fists together as he continued to watch with what was going on.

“Hyung,” Chan spoke up, “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know,” Soonyoung said, “I never felt this way about a girl before until I met [y/n]. Ever since the day she first introduced herself to me I’ve been in love with her, but it’s clear that she doesn’t love me back.”

As much as Jihoon hated to admit it, he really wanted to scream back at the broken boy that it was false, [y/n] did love him, just not in the same way she felt about Jihoon. Sometimes he wondered though. Soonyoung always somehow would become the center of [y/n]’s life, even when both Jihoon himself and [y/n] would be out spending the night alone. He was almost afraid that if he tried anything that Soonyoung’s name would come out rather than Jihoon’s. Thinking about Soonyoung being in love with his girlfriend mad him mad. He wasn’t really mad at Soonyoung, but more so of the fact that there was a possibility that Soonyoung could easily take [y/n] away from him. This is when Jihoon decided to intervene. He yanked the door open swiftly and stood in the door way, breathing heavily. Soonyoung and Chan looked up at the young composer with confused eyes.

“…you love her…” Jihoon mumbled.

Both Soonyoung and Chan looked at him in confusion.

“Hyung, what did you say?” Chan asked Jihoon.

Jihoon looked up from the floor and pointed a shaky finger at Soonyoung.

You,” He said as he exhageratied the word, “You love her. You love my girlfriend.”

Soonyoung stood up quickly and looked at Jihoon with his mouth agap.

“You heard…” Soonyoung trailed off, “You weren’t supposed to hear any of that.”

“Well now I have,” Jihoon stated as he gritted through his teeth.

Chan chuckled nervously as he walked up to his younger hyung and grabbed onto his stiff arm.

“Jihoon hyung,” He spoke, “Don’t be mad at Soonyoung hyung. He can’t control his feelings.”

That may have not been the right thing to mention.

“If he can’t control his feelings how can I be sure he won’t make a move on my girl.”

Soonyoung stood quietly as he picked at the hem of his shirt. Again there was complete silence.

“How long?” Jihoon asked after a couple of seconds.

Soonyoung hesitated before replying.

“Since I first met her,” He spoke, “And I still do.”

Jihoon’s blood was boiling. He knew he shouldn’t be mad at Soonyoung, but he just couldn’t help it. The thought of someone else taking his girlfriend away from him angered him. Especially if it was someone as close to [y/n] and good looking like Soonyoung was. There is a high chance that Soonyoung could sweep [y/n] away from him and take her as his own. Jihoon knew that [y/n] wouldn’t be like that and just allow Soonyoung to take her away from her relationship to start a new one, but if Soonyoung has feelings for [y/n], there is a 50/50 chance that [y/n] might too.

“Stay away from her,” Jihoon stated bluntly without thinking, “I don’t want to see you near her. Ever.”

Soonyoung stared back at his friend in shock. He had never seen Jihoon so protective, so angry. He knew Jihoon wouldn’t be happy if he found out that he was in love with [y/n], but he never expected him to banish him seeing his own best friend.

“I can’t! She’s my best friend-“

“And she’s my girlfriend!” Jihoon shouted back.

Both Soonyoung and Chan flinched at the tone Jihoon gave. They had never seen him like this before.

“Just stay away from her. I will get you if I find out, Soonyoung,” Jihoon stated as he walked back out the door, slamming it hard behind him.

“Hyung,” Chan said as he tried to reach out for Soonyoung.

Soonyoung said nothing as he too left the practice room, probably to go spend some time on his own, maybe even cry a little. The only thing was, Soonyoung didn’t feel like crying. His pain was beyond that at this point. How does one respond when you’re told to stay away from your best friend, or in this case, his crush?

Chan stood in the practice room by himself as he tried to process everything that just happened. Seeing both of his Hyungs like that made him scared. Never in all 3 years they had been a band has anyone gotten in a fight like that and it scared him. Seventeen meant so much to each individual member and now that two of them were in a huge argument, what will happen to them now?


A couple months had passed since the incident happened between Soonyoung and Jihoon. All the boys and [y/n] had noticed the change of behavior in the two boys. Neither of them talked to each other, they didn’t even look at each other anymore. Jihoon had asked their manager if he could switch rooms so he didn’t have to be with Soonyoung anymore. So Jihoon moved out and Chan moved in to the room in place of while Jihoon got his own room along with [y/n].

[y/n] began to grow worried over both of her boys. Jihoon spent more and more time working than usual and Soonyoung wouldn’t even speak to her. Whenever she would ask Soonyoung to hang out he would always make up an excuse by saying that he was either busy or he just wasn’t feeling well. [y/n] knew her best friend too well to believe any of the lies he was telling her, but she shook it off thinking that maybe it was just a stage he was going through. Jihoon was almost the same way, but he still went out and took her to fancy restaurants to make up for spending so much time on work. [y/n] was beyond confused with their behavior and decided to do something about it. It wasn’t until one day after a long practice that Jihoon decided to get some more work done that she finally got the chance to talk to Soonyoung.

“Soonyoungie!” She called out to her best friend as he tried to escape the practice room.

Soonyoung flinched at his name and ran out of the room without looking back. [y/n] groaned and looked at the boys for help. Chan motioned for her to go after him and that’s just what she did.

“Soonyoung!” She called again as she ran into the hall and followed Soonyoung closely behind.

“Soonyoung I know you can hear me. And don’t even think of outrunning me. You already know I can beat your ass in any race!”

Soonyoung stopped at the entrance of the Pledis building and stiffened up his body. [y/n] jogged up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. She furrowed her brows and walked around to become face to face with her best friend.

“Soonyoung, why are you so tense all of a sudden?” She asked as she forced his chin up so her eyes could meet his.

“I can’t talk to you,” was all that he said.

[y/n] looked at him confused and cocked her head to the side.

“Why are you acting so weird? I thought we were friends,” She asked.

“Apperantly not anymore,” Soonyoung replied as he tried to get around her, but [y/n] was too quick and gripped onto his wrist to stop him.

“What do you mean? Why can’t we be friends? We’ve always been friends, best friends!”

Soonyoung sighed and bit his lip to suppress any tears or sobs that threatened to escape.

“We just can’t okay?” He stated trying to stay strong, “Just go hang with Jihoon. He’ll appreciate your company over my own.”

“But we never spend time together anymore. I miss you, I miss spending time with you.”

Soonyoung wanted to hug her so badly and apologize for everything, but he just couldn’t. [y/n] somehow managed to sense the brokenness in her best friend and reached out to hug him tightly. Soonyoung gave into her hug and squeezed her back, letting a couple of tears fall down his face. He choked out a sob and gripped onto [y/n]’s shirt tightly. [y/n] didn’t do anything except rubbing Soonyoung’s back comfortingly and whispering, “its okay’s”, into his ear. The two of them stood like that for what felt like hours until a throat clearing interrupted their moment. The two of them broke apart and became face to face with Jihoon who stood there with his arms crossed over his chest, glaring slightly at Soonyoung.

“I came to see if you wanted to get some dinner,” Jihoon said to [y/n], his glare never breaking Soonyoung.

[y/n] noticed this and walked over to her boyfriend. She gripped onto his bicep and looked between the two boys and back at Jihoon.

“What is with you two?” She asked, “You guys haven’t spoken a single work to each other in months! It all started when I sent Jihoon to go talk to you about what was bothering you, Soonyoung. What happened?”

Soonyoung looked at Jihoon. Jihoon didn’t do anything but looked down at the floor and back over to his girlfriend before speaking up.

“We talked, it just didn’t go well.”

[y/n] sighed and tilted back and forth on the balls of her feet before breaking away from Jihoon and stood in between the two boys.

“Someone better tell me what happened,” She stated as she looked at both of them.

Soonyoung stayed slient and rubbed his eyes gently as he sniffled.

“Soonyoung said something,” Jihoon stated, “Something he probably should never have said.”

[y/n] looked at her best friend who was being oddly silent.

“Soonyoung, what did you tell Jihoon?” She asked.

Soonyoung refused to speak. Jihoon sighed and gripped [y/n]’s hand tightly in his own.

“He said he was in love with you. He confessed to Chan about everything he felt towards you. I heard them,” Jihoon spoke.

[y/n] stood in shock as she lifted her head to look at Soonyoung. Soonyoung looked like he wanted to be anywhere but in this position right now. [y/n] let go of Jihoon’s hand and walked over to her best friend. She reached out her hand and placed it on his cheek.

“Is that true?” She asked, “Do you really feel that way about me?”

Soonyoung looked up to meet her gaze and nodded.

“Ever since we first met,” He spoke, “And even on after that. Every chance I got to spend with you made me fall harder and faster in love with you…”

[y/n] couldn’t believe it. Her heart fluttered at her best friend’s confession. She bit her lip and looked over at Jihoon who looked like he was about to murder Soonyoung.

“And both of you decided to keep this from me?” She questioned once more.

“I was afraid,” Soonyoung said quietly.

Jihoon glared at him and shook his head disapprovingly.

“I couldn’t lose you, not to him.”

[y/n] looked at Jihoon with a hint of hurt in her eyes.

“You really think I would just leave you because a guy was in love with me?”

Jihoon opened his mouth to speak, but he knew that no matter what he said could ever make it sound any better than what he meant. It was too late, so he kept is shut.

“I can’t believe you would ever think that! I thought you trusted me?” She spat at him, her body trembling at every word.

“And you,” She said as she turned to Soonyoung, “You could have just confessed to me.”

“It’s not that simple, [y/n],” Soonyoung replied.

“Well if you weren’t too afraid to see the outcome than maybe you would have known that I too was in love with you for like my entire life. I still am, but not as much since I got with Jihoon.”

Soonyoung’s head perked up at her statement. Jihoon walked up to [y/n] and turned her around by the shoulder. He looked at her with hurt in his eyes as a single tear trickled down his cheek.

“You still love him?” Jihoon asked her, “Do you love me more?”

[y/n] didn’t say anything at first. She looked up at Jihoon through glossy eyes.

“I can’t say I do. I don’t know anymore,” She said quietly.

Jihoon sighed and pushed some of her hair out of her eyes and wiped away a tear that fell down her face.

“I don’t want to force you into this if you don’t really want it. If you love Soonyoung…you can have him.”

[y/n] shook her head.

“I don’t know who I want,” She said, “I love you both.”

Soonyoung grabbed her arm.

“You can’t have both of us, [y/n]. You know that,” he said.

Jihoon nodded in agreement.

“We won’t force a decision into your hands, but it’s either me or him. Who do you chose?”

Your Choice: Hoshi || Woozi [both parts coming soon]

Got7 Reaction to- You Hugging Them From Behind


Requests are open!

Mark- He would be so shy at first but then he would wrap his arms around yours and sway back and forth while you pressed your face into his back before sneakily tickling his sides and making him laugh that high pitched laugh of his that we all love so much and then he would grab your hands and spin you so that he was facing you and give you a little smirk before attacking you with tickles until you called mercy and then he would smile and be all cute and kiss your forehead oh my gosh how cute is mark guys okay he is too much.

Jaebum- it would be one of those days where you just wanted attention but JB is a busy dude so you wait until he’s done doing all his stuff and he would come out to stretch and as he’s stretching you just can’t resist wrapping your arms around him and leaning into him whispering that you missed him and he would do that half smile of his that melts my heart and then he would turn so he could face you and lean down and give you the sweetest kiss guys im NOT OKAY NOW.

Jackson- This would be a daily occurrence for you guys so he wouldn’t be all the surprised until you slip your cold hands up under his shirt and he would do that weird girly scream of his and then reach up to pull your hands away and spin you around so that he could hug you from behind and rest his head on top of yours and tell you that ‘it’s not nice to tease people and if you wanted to touch my muscles you have just asked” cause he is such a little shit.

Jinyoung- I feel like junior would love it if you just walked up behind while he was cooking or something and lazily wrapped your arms around his and let your head rest on the back of his neck or in between his shoulder blades. He would find it so calming and would press back into you slightly cause he might be a savage but he’s also a huge softy too and sometimes you just need someone to hug you okay.

Youngjae- My sweet prince oh my goodness youngjae would love it he would go all mushy and wide eyed as you wrapped your arms around his waist and kiss his shoulder all cute and he would blush cause he’s adorable and he would love it when you just showed him how much you love him cause he loves it when people do that my tiny baby now i need to hug youngjae okay bye.

BamBam- Little freak would love it so much but pretend like he didn’t. Like he would say something like “no jagi! I’m supposed to hug you cause im the man” but in reality he loves when you spoil him and give him attention.

Yugyeom- It would start out so cute like you’re just standing in line or something and you would wrap you arms around him and he’d blush and tell you that he likes when you do that and then it would get silly as you try and climb on his back and insist that he gives you a piggy back ride because that’s what tall boyfriends are for and at first he’d be like ‘wait what no’ but as soon as you pouted he would cave so hard and let you climb up on his back cause he is a good boyfriend.

Bts as supernaturals


Seokjin with his flawless skin, broad shoulder and perfect face was a Incubus, he fed of the sexual energy provided to him by the few mortals lucky enough to experience him.
Spending most of his time fitting in with humans as a high class escort, what is better than feeding yourself while getting paid to do it? Yeah Seokjin had it all figured out

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“I’m sorry, I was this way”


Yoongi was a Siren, able to swap between his human shape and the half humanoid half fish shape. Yoongi knew that his kind mostly triggered people into an early grave, but he just couldn’t be fucked really… It seemed like so much work, for his daily life he was working at a aquarium and other than that he spend the most of his time in his shared apartment with Hoseok, kinda fish people needed to stick together.

Originally posted by taeverie

“I don’t NEED to eat humans, and you guys don’t taste good, ever thought about that?”


Hoseok was a Selkie, which was hard not for the reason most people assumed, but because not even other super naturals seem to know what they were.
So Selkies were a form supernaturals, they could either take the shape of human or the shape of seal, but they were also very different from other kind of super naturals due to a very annoying thing. When they changed from a seal to a human they had to shred the skin of the seal and to change back they had to crawl into it. There were Hoseok’s problem… Taehyung had his hide…

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“I promise I wont eat people! Just a little nibble at best! Taaaaaaaae”


Namjoon was a banshee… Which was hard… Not only to keep his mouth shut under his work at the library, but when he told people he were a banshee they thought he was lying! It isn’t his fault that legends only talk about female banshees!
It wasn’t fair! History books and legends only talked about the worst of all super naturals… So Namjoon was stuck trying his best to be a somewhat silent banshee working in a library while his friends all called him a girl.

Originally posted by cyyphr

“Why don’t you bully Jungkook as well! Yoongi shut up! This isn’t fair!”


Jimin… Jimin didn’t try to fit in like everybody else, one of the reasons might be that he was the size of most people’s arm. While he wasn’t small like a pixie he was a slighter bigger version, he was still… A Heather pixie.
Just cause he was small and had really pretty wings, people would always think that he was some sweet innocent little ChimChim, in reality he was the sole leader of team prank. Pixies weren’t fairies… something people seem to forget

Originally posted by bangtan

“What? Me? Would I ever do that?”


Taehyung had the world against him, as a half fallen angel half human he were suppose to keep his super natural friends in check… Yeah that didn’t work that well… Instead he ended up being the one who was taken care of most of the time.
Basically, Taehyung was a pretty shitty Nephilim, but it was okay his friends still loved him! Maybe he should give Hoseok his hide back… Just maybe.

Originally posted by toughchim


What Jungkook was suppose to do, was that he as a Valkyrie was that he should choose people from the battleground who died and raise them to Valhalla, problem with that was much less war than they were used to… And people would question what a young looking male in weird half girly old school armor with giant wings was doing accending from the heaven.
So yeah he was placed in standby, which he was kinda happy for, he heard the older Valkyries talking about ‘the good old days’, but he kinda liked this… And Seokjin made good food… Yeah he was going to stick around for a while.

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“But I like it here, I never liked the idea of war to start with… Silly humans.”

Creator note:

I hope you liked this! And if you want to see more like this or maybe a real kind of reaction do send a request!

- Prussia

Hank Mccoy (#70)

You were walking around the mansion trying to find Hank and give him back a piece of equipment for his fighter plane.

Hank was working on his fighter plane engine and looking for the piece you had. He was also listening to some weird girly pop music on a small homemade speaker.

You walked through the mansion trying to find Hank when you hear the music. You decide to follow the sound and see who was there.

Hank forgot to lock the door so that nobody would disturb him. Although he really did believe no one would come in.

You slowly opened the door only to find Hank walking around singing along to the girly pop music and sorta dancing. You decided to just stand there and see what was gonna happen.


Hank turned to the door and saw you smiling at him. He quickly turned off the music and walked over to you.

“H-How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough.”

“W-What do you need Y/N?”

“To give you this.”

You held out the piece Hank was looking for in your hand. He walked over and took it.


“One more thing.”

You pulled him by his collar closer to you and placed a big chaste kiss on his lips.

“Your a really good singer.”

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Handcuffed (Reader x Pietro)

Word Count: 845

Summary: Reader wakes up, and is surprised to find that she’s handcuffed to Pietro. Now, they have to find a way out, together.

A/N: sorry this took so long! Feels good to be writing for my favorite fandom again. Also, did you guys hear there’ll be a NEW Civil War trailer during the Super Bowl? I am dead. ENJOY!

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The Wrong Twin

Summary: pastel!Dan has a crush on his twin brother’s boyfriend. but he finally moves on when he gets a boyfriend. Dan’s new boyfriend drags him to a party where Dan gets drunk and runs into Phil. Things happen.
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 3,620
Warnings: drinking and swearing
Beta: thanks to the fabulous @luminescentlester for betaing <3

A/N: there aren’t enough twin fics in the phandom and that makes me sad

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It’s just so wild when people gender entire species.

Like sharks are masculine and dolphins are feminine and etc. I’ve seen a mom argue her own daughter to tears over sharks not being “girly.” 

Gets doubly weird when it’s animals that either do not have sexual dimorphism that lines up with human traditional masculine/feminine.

Like there’s a decent number of animals where the girl is the one who will kill you. 


Let’s be honest here, composition notebooks are absolutely horrendous and are in dire need of a total make over as a school supply! 

Add a little spice to your back to school haul with notebooks you personally made yourself! You can go totally girl-chic with a wrapable-twine fabric notebook or a quirky fun pool floaty notebook.



  • Composition notebook
  • Fabric
  • Twine
  • Cardstock
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


  1. Cut a triangle from the cardstock and glue it to the front cover of the notebook. Glue the twine to the tip of the triangle.
  2. Cut the fabric so that it’s a bit bigger than the notebook .
  3. Cut the fabric again along the lines shown in the photo above. This is to let you fold the fabric over the notebook.
  4. Fold the fabric over the edges of the notebook and glue it down.
  5. Cut the cardstock to the size of the cover with some margin to allow some of the fabric to show. This makes the notebook look more seamless and hides the uneven fabric cuts or gluing.
  6. Glue the cardstock to inside of the notebook cover. Make sure to do it twice for both sides.
  7. Wrap the twine around the notebook and put it in your school bag!

I was really happy with how this turned out because there were so many different fabric possibilities to add my own touch of personality to it!

The next one is a lot of fun though too for all those who get a lil’ bored in class! Not saying you should sleep in class though. It’s more for passing time inbetween classes! ;)



  • Composition notebook
  • Arm floaties - preferably those for children
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Fold the cardstock over the notebook edges 
    1. I didn’t get enough of the cardstock paper to cover both the front and the back of the notebook, so I only covered half of the front and the full back. It’s up to you on how to do it though!
    2. I used the cardstock to cover the weird cover of the composition notebook not covered by the arm floaty, but you can choose whatever combination you want!
  2. Glue the cardstock to the notebook edges.
  3. Blow up the arm floaty and see which are the parts that don’t get blown up. Cut the arm floaty at those parts, so it’ll become flat. Make sure to have enough extra floaty to glue it over the cover of your notebook and room for it to blow up still.
  4. Glue the edge of the now flat floaty over the cover of the notebook. Deflate it before glueing it onto the notebook to make this process easier.
  5. Let the glue dry.
  6. Blow up your arm floaty pillow and test it out! Not the biggest pillow ever, but definitely can see how it’ll be a lifesaver on some days!

Watch out for some more BTS DIYs being posted soon!

anonymous asked:

Dunno why, but wondered what kind of relationship Mamoru has with his papa Sasuke? :)

I think that just as with Sarada, (I’m warning you that I’m completely going off with my headcanons here btw) Sasuke will try to be serious and as severe as posible -without turning into a copy of his father, mind you- with Mamoru. (but we all know that he turns into complete mush when it comes to his precious children so his fam just roll their eyes whenever he tries to hide that fact with stern words “oh papa” they’ll say with fond exasperation) He does not sugar coat anything for the pink haired boy and it’s maybe because he looks and acts so much like Sakura that Sasuke tries to shelter him and keep him away from any type of harm as much as possible. (And instead of resenting this in the future, Mamoru just sighs and smiles because he now understands just how much his Papa suffered in his younger years and knows that he didn’t want his children to go through even a portion of what he did) Sasuke feels that Mamo-chan is too soft and compassionate to be a shinobi but instead of seeing that as a weakness, Sasuke tries to treasure it at all costs (also because the quiet way he laughs and the serene smiles maybe reminds him just a bit of Itachi) Mamoru, as well as his big sister, is incredibly intelligent and sharp and sometimes Sasuke can only marvel at the wisdom of his son and pray that even if the world they live in is sometimes unstable and unpredictable, Mamoru retains his gentle heart and kind soul.

Annnnd when the girls go shopping or are acting too annoyingly girly and weird for the two Uchiha males, they quietly retire and go fishing to the naka river. Mamoru likes to babble about the huge medical textbooks mama let him borrow and Sasuke tells him abut all the new and different medical practices he’s come across in his travels

ugh so many headcanons

good luck charm | part five

part one / part two / part three / part four

calum + reader

word count: 1187

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: soccer!calum au where you’re a jinx


It took everything in me to not reveal that I was awake. My eyes were shut as I lay facing away from him.

It was quiet for a while before I heard him sigh and felt the bed sink as he sat down. “I know you’re awake.. I can hear your breathing. I’ve watched you sleep countless times, (Y/N), I know how you sound when you sleep.”

I grabbed the covers and pulled them back over my head harshly in reply.

“Listen, about what you heard..” I grabbed another pillow and pressed it against my ear with the other squished against the pillow I was laying on to block out his words.

His sigh was muffled but not completely blocked out as he reached over to take the pillow away from me. “(Y/N)..”

Throwing everything off me before he could continue, I leapt out of bed to storm into the bathroom. I didn’t want to hear anything.

Before I made it to the bathroom, he’d gotten off the bed and grabbed my arm and yanked. The sudden jerking motion pulled me back into his chest and he spun me around to face him, putting both hands on my shoulders to keep me still.

“I just have some things to say, will you let me-”

“You’ve said enough, Cal! I’ve heard enough. There’s nothing else to it. I finally learned where I stand in your life and its obviously not very high up.” I told him firmly, pushing on his arms to get free.

My words must’ve shocked him a little because his hands dropped to his sides after the first push.

I attempted to enter the bathroom again but he slipped past me and stood in the doorway. “I’ve wanted to win this championship since coach recommended I join the soccer team. This is my whole life, you have to understand that I’d do anything to win.”

I opened my mouth to say something but he slapped his hand over my mouth before I could. “But, I understand that I let this come between us. I let it cloud my judgement and.. I said some things I shouldn’t have. And I’m sorry.”

I rolled my eyes at him, gripping his wrist to try to remove his hand from my mouth but he wasn’t done. “The championships are over now, and we won. It’s all over, so please please please let me right my wrongs.”

He finally released me and took his hand off my mouth. “It’s the championships this time but it just showed you’d be willing to drop me just like that to get what you want, Cal. I can’t just stand here and wait for you to be done with whatever to apologise and take me back. There’s absolutely no guarantee you won’t drop me once the next big thing comes that I’m a ‘distraction’ of.”

“It was a momentary lapse of judgement. I was having pre-game feelings, you should know how I get. My mind’s completely on winning and I disregard everything else but I can change. You always helped me, you can do it again.. Please.. I-I never should have said any of that, I didn’t even mean it.” He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

I wriggled a little in protest but he kept me firm against his body. “I came to my senses when I saw you. Knowing that you heard all that broke me.”

“You still won the game though.”

“I knew you wouldn’t have wanted me to throw the game and lose everything I’ve worked to achieve. You’re not like that. Plus..” He said, unwrapping his arms from around me and darting around to grab something from his sports bag.

He pulled out a medal from his bag and handed it to me. I studied the letters ‘MVP’ on the shiny gold surface and couldn’t help the huge sense of pride rushing through me.

“I won the game because I wanted to bring something back for you so badly. I wanted to make you proud.. I like it when you’re proud of me, you always get that glowing smile thing and you make little excited squeaks and you tell me how good I am and I just.. I like that a lot.” His face was bright red by the time he finished his sentences.

I fiddled with the medal in my hands. “My excited squeaks are awful, I even annoy myself.”

“They are not! I love hearing them. It means you’re happy and I.. I like it when you’re happy. It makes me happy.” He was looking down at the carpet, shifting his weight awkwardly from one foot to another, looking so embarrassed of his words.

I found it extremely adorable and endearing.

“Look, I know I messed up, but I just need one. Just one chance to make it up to you. Please.” He looked at me with hopeful eyes and even though my heart had forgiven him minutes ago, I still wanted to mess with him a little.

“I don’t know, Cal..” I started and a pained expression flashed across his handsome features.

“I’ll do anything you want me to do, we can go do the weird girly things you always want to drag me to do.” He said eagerly, grasping my hands in his.

“Anything?” I asked, smirking.

“Yeah!” He cried out, before his eager expression faded a little as he caught the gleeful but devious glimmer in my eye.


It was two hours later and Calum was trying his best to find his balance on the slippery ice in his rental skates. I laughed as he kept his grip tight on the railings along the perimeter of the ice rink at the mall.

I skated backwards away from him a little and he looked at me, frantic. “Wait! Don’t leave me here!” He attempted to push off the railings towards me. He got two feet further before falling flat on his ass with a thump.

Laughing so hard I almost fell myself, I skated back to stand in front of him.

“Is this enough for you to forgive me?” He asked, panting slightly from trying to get up.

I held my hand up for him to take and he gratefully accepted it, hauling himself off the cold ice.

Before he was even fully on his feet, I stretched as much as I could in skates and pressed my lips onto his. He slid backwards out of shock, taking me with him until his back hit the railing.

Pulling back, I waited for his response. He looked at me, still a little breathless. “Does that mean..”

I nodded and he broke out into a huge grin before pulling my lips onto his. The sheer force he exerted sent us both tumbling and we ended up on the cold ice, laughing.

I had no guarantee it would be like this forever, but as I sat on the ice with the best thing that had ever happened to me, I told myself that I was willing to take the risk.