💐Spring Self Care Tips💐

• Go on walks. I know you might have allergies but take an Allegra or something because fresh air is good for the soul

• Infuse your water- strawberries, pineapple, cucumber, mint, all the good things. Just make sure it’s organic because don’t nobody need to be drinking pesticides this year

• Start a CONSISTENT skin care routine. Trust me it helps. Stick to it for at least a month and if you don’t see results or any difference THEN you can switch it up

• It’ll be warm out so go outside and journal, read and do yoga at the park more often than you stay inside and Netflix. Not saying that’s bad…but again…fresh air

• Make a fresh, new recipe. Spring for me usually means salads and ice tea. But every now and again Pinterest be hookin it up with something I never would’ve thought to make and then everyone thinks I’m Rachel Ray.

•CLEAN!!! That was aggressive. But really, spring cleaning is a real thing. Dust, vacuum, get out those Lysol wipes and just go ham people. There’s no better feeling than cozying up in a bed with clean sheets and a room that’s been completely sanitized.

• Do one social thing a week. I’m an introvert so I know this is awkward and kind of annoying..but if you don’t try, you can easily slip into negative spaces. If you only go out to one dinner with a friend or one coffee, it can make a huge difference.

I’ll be making a video about this soon and going more in detail, but for now I hope this helps you all get ready for the Springtime months!!

Love you!!