girly trip

RIP To My Youth pt. 2

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: It’s the next day and despite the nerves, Y/N is ready to show off her new look to everyone at school. How will they react? With the Vixens tryouts right around the corner and unwelcomed run-ins with Jughead, support from other members of the scooby gang will be needed.

Warnings: Just a few swears it’s all good. 

Word Count: 4343 (Yeah I know it’s pretty long so yano, make yourself a cup of tea, sit down, get comfy and give it a read)

You know in those cliché teen movies where the protagonist walks through the halls of their high school and it’s all in slow motion with some kind of empowering music playing in the background and it’s just completely over dramatic? 

Well, that’s pretty much exactly what I felt like walking into school today, whether that was a good thing or not was an entirely different issue. I was turning heads, to say the least; I put so much effort into my appearance today that I kinda felt like if I didn’t achieve this response I would have completely failed. I tried my best to keep up a confident demeanour, and to my surprise, I was holding up rather well. I think that little pep talk I had with myself in the mirror this morning might have actually worked, hell yes.  

 My burgundy dress clung to my body as I glided down the hallway, ignoring the stares I was receiving a little further up I could see Archie, Ronnie and Kevin in a group by their lockers, they were deep in conversation and hadn’t spotted me yet. Unfortunately for me, in order to get to them, I was going to have to walk past the vast majority of the football team, who were all laughing about something in a group by their lockers.

 My heart sped up and I could feel my pulse quicken, I prayed they wouldn’t say anything as my usual encounters with them usually involved them teasing me in some petty juvenile way. 

As I passed them I held my breath and to my dismay but also surprisingly I was met with a symphony of cat calls, without thinking I turned my head to look at them, I made direct eye contact with the big man on campus himself Reggie Mantle, he just looked at me arms folded leaning against his locker and smirked. I was surprised because usually, he’d call me a freak or something uncreative like Wednesday Adams which Jughead and I had both been called numerous times throughout our years here.  I rolled my eyes rising above it and quickly made my way over to the three familiar faces by the lockers.

 “OH MY GOD” Veronica nearly yelled as she eyed me up and down when I stood next to her, “oh my god is right, YES why didn’t you tell us you were going all extreme makeover, that dress and your hair is literally giving me life right now” Kevin said with a look of amazement in his eyes. “Well, I thought I needed a little change,” I said laughing at the look on their faces. “You look amazing Y/N, I can’t get over this” Ronnie continued, she proceeded to literally poke me in the face, I looked at her as if to say ‘what the hell are you doing’, “sorry I just had to make sure this was real” a big smile was now painted across her face. “I think you broke Archie” Kevin motioned to the red headed boy whose mouth was wide open. Kevin’s words immediately brought Archie out of whatever strange trance he was in “H-hey Y/N, sorry it’s just really weird seeing you look so, so” Archie started “So hot!” Veronica finished. This made all of us laugh in unison.

“I was actually wondering if you two would come shopping with me this weekend, If I’m going to keep up this look I’m gonna need help from the experts” I motioned towards Kevin and Ronnie. “Of course! We will be your fashion fairy godparents, ready to give you all the style advice and direction you need” Veronica said looking at Kevin who nodded in approval of her statement.  

“Thank you guys so much” I breathed a sigh of relief, “Sorry Arch, I’d ask you too but I don’t think girly shopping trips are really your forte” I said looking at Archie.

 “Don’t worry no offence taken you’re right, but maybe I can meet you guys at Pop’s afterwards?” Archie replied. “But of course Archiekins, after a day of retail therapy Pop’s milkshakes are the only way to regain one’s strength” Veronica answered.

 “Oh my god I completely forgot to mention, Cheryl’s having a party at her house this Saturday too, apparently her parents are heading out of town to meet with a private investigator and she’s throwing a party to celebrate her mother giving her back the River Vixens and the new recruit she’s picking after school, so naturally I got the whole gang invited, Veronica Lodge does not disappoint” Ronnie said clapping her hands and grinning, this was met with the rest of us grinning excitedly and thanking her.

 However all I could now think of was that damn audition today, I’d almost forgotten about it, this news of a party being thrown practically in honour of the new recruit was enough to turn the butterflies in my stomach into grenades. The bell signalling the start of first period cut off this thought and brought me right back into reality. “Oh god, we’d better get going, see you guys in the student lounge at lunch break?” Kevin asked, we all agreed to meet there and went our separate ways.

 What class did I have first today? Shit, it was English. My stomach dropped and the grenades started exploding in a far fiercer manor. Jughead was in this class, what the hell was I going to do. Taking a deep breath I started walking rather slowly, in some last ditch effort to delay what was to come; however, in the back of my mind, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to escape the inevitable.  

 By the time I reached my class everyone was already inside and the teacher had begun talking, great if I wasn’t nervous enough to see Jughead I’d have to do the awkward “dash to my seat/ apologise for being late” stunt.

 I took a deep breath and quickly opened the door to the classroom, like ripping off a Band-Aid. Walking in I looked at the teacher who had a surprised look on her face, “ah sorry I’m late Mrs Jackson” I said, before I could scan the room for a seat, the teacher quickly added “oh I didn’t know we were getting a new student today, why isn’t there an office aid with you?”

 What the fuck, did she really think I was a new student; honestly I didn’t think I looked THAT different. Then again she was pretty damn old, needless to say, I was still rather embarrassed. I heard some muffled laughs coming from the students already seated, ignoring them I looked at my teacher, in hope of her getting a better look at my face “Uh Mrs Jackson, it’s Y/N Y/L/N, I’ve been in this class all year” I said trying to sound as polite as possible, the muffled laughter continued “oh so It is! I’m so sorry dear you look quite different today, please take a seat and try not to be late next time” I gave her a flat smile and turned to scan the room.

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Picture Perfect

“I can’t believe you’re making me go to a wedding fayre with you.”

“Stop grumbling,” you told your friend from the drivers seat. “You chose our last outing and I didn’t whinge about being dragged around the Doctor Who exhibition did I?”

“No but only because you were just as excited as I was. This seems wrong though, we’re not getting married, we’re not even a couple.”

“For the purpose of today though we are. We’re getting married in two years time at a beautiful country home in West Virginia, Hawthorne House. Remember that, it’s important.” You signalled to into the parking lot of the venue where the fayre was taking place.

“You want me to lie? That’s wrong, it’s dishonest.”

“No what’s wrong is the amount they charge you for make up in the stores. Here, I can pick up enough free samples to keep me going for a good few months as well as a load of discount vouchers to enable me to purchase all the products I need to look like a blushing bride on my wedding day. Plus, there’ll be free cake samples, and I know how much you like cake.”

“You sound like you’ve done this before,” Spencer glanced at you with his eyes narrowed slightly, still looking uncomfortable with the idea of pretending to be engaged to you, his best female friend of three years.

“I have. Lots of times. What do you think me and Garcia do when we have our girly day trips. It’s great, we both get treated like Queens and get to play dress up with the gorgeous gowns. And we both walk away with our make up bags fully restocked.”

Reid shook his head at you and you knew he was planning on making some snarky comment to her when he went back to work on Monday. It was shame you wouldn’t be there to see that. You’d met Penelope four years ago when you moved into her apartment building, two doors down from her. She’d turned up at your door with a welcome hamper and you two had quickly become bossom buddies. She’d dragged you out with her one night where you’d met the rest of her beloved team and you and Spencer had quickly bonded over your love of books and Doctor Who as well as many other things. Now he was just as important to your life as she was.

“Alright so you get free make up and discount vouchers out of this little charade, what do I get?”

Pulling into a parking space carefully and switching the engine off, you turned to your friend.

“You mean aside from the free cake and spending the day with your best friend? Is that not enough?”

Spencer just stared at you, his mouth set in a straight line.

“Fine. I thought this would happen so I came prepared.”

You reached into the back seat and pulled out a paper bag.

“Inside here is that ridiculously long Russian film that you’ve been trying to make me watch for months. This is the limited edition, collectors release with added cast interviews. Personally, I’d much rather watch the Clooney remake, considering it’s seventy minutes shorter, but this is my offering.”

Spencer took the bag from your hands and peeked inside, making sure you weren’t bluffing. He sighed and undid his seat belt.

“I guess if you can bring yourself to watch Solaris with me, I can play at being fake fiancé for a few hours.”

“Good boy.”

You’d spent the first hour walking around the stalls and stands with Spencer begrudgingly holding your hand in his to play into the illusion. To give him his dues, Spencer was playing along very nicely, nodding along and telling the stand owners how lucky he was and how he couldn’t wait for your special day. You found yourself smiling on multiple occasions and actually almost welling up when one of the stand owners who was showing you different foundation shades, asked how Spencer had promised.

Already armed with a story planned, you were surprised when Spencer interjected and told his own, smiling at you adoringly as he did.

“I proposed on our second anniversary, I was so nervous but I so badly wanted to make this woman my wife that I knew I had to do it. I planned a surprise picnic at her favourite spot in a beautiful park not far from where we live. I picked out all of her favourite foods and bought a cd player with a disk containing all the songs she loved. The smile on her face as she sat opposite me on our special day made my heart burst and as nervous as I was, I knew I was doing the right thing. I just prayed that she’d say yes.”

He paused to take a breath and both the make up girl and you were captivated, waiting to hear the rest of his story.

“After we finished eating I presented Y/N with a photo album, documenting our time together. Photos from the first time we met when our friend Penelope introduced us, photos from our random day trips that we drag each other out on and always end up having the best time regardless. We were smiling in each and every one and as she flipped through the pages, I could see her eyes starting to fill with tears. When she got the the last page there was a string with a label on it saying, “pull me”. I remember that she looked so confused as she tugged on it lightly, slowly pulling out the tiny bag that I’d hidden in the spine of the album. Inside was a ring, a ring that in no way matched her beauty but it was the best I was ever going to able be to find. And that’s when I asked her, I told her she was my best friend, my favourite person in the world and I never wanted to be apart from her. Would she be my wife? And she agreed and I felt like the luckiest man in the whole world.“

When he stopped talked you quickly brushed your hands under your eyes, seeing the make up girl doing the same thing. Spencer looked between the two of you, a light blush forming on his cheeks.

“That has to be the best proposal story I’ve heard. And I’ve heard a lot. Can I see the ring?”

You looked to your hand, panicking as you realised that you weren’t wearing one. Spencer came to your rescue.

“Unfortunately no. One of the stones came loose last week and it’s back in the jewellers being replaced.”

The make up girl gushed over the pair of you for a while longer and filled a bag with free samples and goodies for you, adding in more than she probably should have.

You walked around the rest of the fayre feeling slightly strange. You binged on the cake samples, carefully watching Spencer as he ate. The story he’d told had really gotten under your skin, it was quite possibly the most romantic thing you’d ever heard and although it hadn’t happened, it was something that you could totally imagine him doing. Spencer was sweet like that, he did special things. Like on your last birthday, he set up a treasure hunt all over D.C, clues placed in hidden places which you had to decipher in order to claim your main present which had been two tickets to the theatre.

The strange feeling stayed with you the rest of the day, as you made your way home loaded up with goodies. You had the comfier couch, so you returned back to your apartment, ordering in take out as you settled down to watch the film, sitting snuggled up side by side.

You missed the last third of the movie, your eyes fluttering shut and your head resting on Spencer’s shoulder. You only came to when he nudged you awake, getting ready to leave himself.

Following him to your door to see him out, you hugged him tightly, thanking him for coming with you today.

“It was actually okay, I kinda had fun to be honest,” he told you, his hair slightly messy from lounging on your couch.

“Spencer… That story you told, where did you pull it from?” You had to ask, it had been playing on your mind all afternoon. He shifted awkwardly, shaking a lock of hair out of his eyes.

“Erm…. It just…. I don’t know. I just started talking and it flowed out. I could imagine us sitting in that park having a picnic together, looking through pictures of all the silly things we’ve done. It just seemed…. right?”

He sounded so unsure then, almost wondering if he’d said the wrong thing and you found yourself wrapping your arms around his neck and planting a kiss on his cheek.

“It sounded absolutely perfect, Spencer.”

“It did?”

You nodded at him, your faces so close together, your eyes searching his for any sign that maybe that was something he actually WANTED to happen. In the long run of course.

But you couldn’t read him, he seemed shielded suddenly and you took a step backwards, not wanting to do anything stupid and risk ruining your carefully cultivated friendship.

“I’ll… I’ll see you later, Y/N.” Spencer swallowed as he turned to open the door, you feeling increasingly disappointed.

“Goodnight Spencer,” your voice was small as he opened the door and walked through it, closing it behind him.