girly treats

@nectarbathtreats blessed me with this package today! I am SO EXCITED to try these and immediately buy more lol THANK YOU ✨🍰🍨🍪🍩✨ Make sure you check out their page, they make all kinds of AMAZINGLY delicious looking and smelling soaps and bath luxuries! And they are right here in Vegas if you want to go to an actual location! My guest bathroom will now ALWAYS have super cool soap 😄💖

P I N K  C H A M P A G N E  &  G O D I V A  C H O C O L A T E S

Don’t be afraid to take a moment to be a little girly. Treat yourself (or your Simself) to something overly decadent and completely feminine.  

What you get:

  • 18 pcs. of Wall Art
  • 9 Decals
  • 8 Pain Swatches

Must Have the Following Packs: Dine Out, Vintage Glamour


Images credited to original creators.  Thank you to Peacemaker-ic for your beautiful furnishings. xoxo