girly tats

Yesterday I went and got my first tattoo! The capricorn constellation is hidden in there if you can find it.

Diverse Sim Tag/Challenge

It’s YA BOIII Sebastian please kill me and I have this dumb tag thingy for the little simblr community. So this tag is called the Diverse Sim Tag, it’s all about reaching out your comfort zone and creating unique sims. This all started because of a little Anon message that Austin got, this is mainly made for him.

Use the tag #DiverseSimTag or @ me if you want.

How Does It Works

  • You can do this as many times you want.
  • You have to generate random numbers, use this HERE
  • You have to generate three or more numbers. 
  • What Ever numbers you get, you have to use those prompts.
  • If you get a prompt that conflicts with another, roll again. 
  • You can tag people or just do this on your own.

- Prompts under the cut in-case I add more -

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