girly pic

I’m back home again after this amazing weekend of mcm and looking trough all the (1200) pics we took this weekend..

this pic @spacetwinsies took of my Otabek cosplay literally has me shook I can’t believe this is me????

there are loads more pics to show so I will do my best to edit as much as possible pics in the next few days

another quick doodle of League of Legends’ Ahri and Riven in Academy Skins. Ahri trying to play a prank on Riven but Ahri suddenly realizes “Oh shit, she’s hot”

The way I see it in the “contemporary” LoL setting, there are the Magical Girls group, Ahri’s school and then the Arcade group, so Riven got a different uniform. Maybe the Arcade people are on the “Stuck in videogame” genre to go along with the other two, or something.