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If your still doing the fic asks, uh... Karabita? Number 5? If that's ok?

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

(I was torn bc I’ve already written fic of Karamatsu being jealous of Chibita and a girl a few times, but I also just wrote a fic about Chibita being wildly jealous. Decided to try something just a little bit different. Warning for some awkward conversations and internalized homo/biphobia, but there’s a happy ending. Also very slightly NSFW.)

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If you haven't already could you write something about Tony reading some of the letters Howard sent? Thnx.

Hi! Sorry my reply is late here. But, I don’t think I’ll be writing a specific story with the letters, but the letters will come up, and we’ll probably see excerpts. So, yes, eventually, my plan is there will be such a thing as you are requesting. Just, not quite yet, for reasons. ;)

It might be something like this:

The Garage was empty.

Well, the main floor of the garage was empty, anyway. Except for two cars, three motorcycles, a desk, three chairs, a pair of short, wooden filing cabinets, and a long row of metal shelves. There was a large tool kit for working on the cars, and one of the metal shelves had been repurposed to hold parts.

So, okay, it wasn’t exactly, perfectly empty. But, with the decades of crates moved out, the space felt a little cavernous.

Darcy sat at the desk, her feet up on the cracked leather blotter, kicking her toes together in an absent rhythm.

There was something heavier in the Garage, though, despite its apparent emptiness. And she didn’t mean the super-secret base beneath.

The below-ground base was sort of rectangular, stretching out back away from the street side, to under a grassy lot behind the building. Operations, the elevators and stairs of the main entrance, along with a handful of side offices were the front third. Labs and workshops occupied the middle third, and the far end were a few bunkrooms and the stairs to yet another, lower level. The main engineering works of the base were down there — water, sanitation, air, plus storage, and an emergency exit out to tunnel to a hidden, fake water pipe in an alley four blocks away.

It wasn’t a facility meant for a big crew. Maybe it could house 12 to 15 people all together for a few weeks. If they really, really liked each other.

She and Tony spent a number of daddy/daughter date nights upgrading, tearing out and replacing environmental systems, rewiring for a proper network, pulling fiber, and in general, making the secret base operational. For what, who knew.

While Darcy questioned the degree of her own paranoia at having a double secret hidey-hole, it was also really cool. Like a private treehouse. She and Rico always planned to have one, but neither of them had yards with trees big enough. It was a crushing realization to their 10-year old selves. Now … all this.

She’d have to actually remember to tell Rico, though.

Nobody knew the Garage existed except Tony, Bucky, Steve, and Peggy. And only Tony knew where it was. He liked that part.  

So, he didn’t need to know she invited Bucky by today. But, her invitation had a purpose and she wasn’t sure how he’d take it. Not that it was bad, necessarily. Maybe.

It might not have been a big, elaborate structure, like the Playground, but there was still plenty to explore. When going through some of the side rooms, Darcy came across one full of furniture. Just desks, chairs, and some bunks, really. But off to one side was a footlocker and a large canvas bag. Atop the footlocker sat a folded piece of paper with her name on it; Darcy recognized Howard’s handwriting immediately.

April 29, 1970

My darling D,

I had the strangest conversation with Peggy a few weeks ago.

Maria was out at some art luncheon, the nanny was off sick, and I got stuck with Tony. I hope he grows out of it, but if you didn’t know, your father is a screamer. Peg was trying to distract him with a truck, and out of the blue, she asked if I knew what happened to Bucky Barnes’s things. If we’d given them to his sister, or what.

Well, I recall trying to pass them on to Miss Barnes years ago. She took a few things, small keepsakes — one of his watches, his brass compass, his flag, a medal or two, I think — but his old uniforms and such, that hurt too much, she said and she didn’t have the space to treat them right. She asked me to keep it all with Steve’s things, thinking maybe some day we’d put it all together in a display.

I told Peggy that and she insisted I pull Sgt. Barnes’s locker and duffle and set them aside for you; that you’d appreciate it. She wouldn’t say why, but she was pretty damned pushy about it; you know how she gets. I suppose maybe you two talked about him all those years ago. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to know him; he was a good fellow and a hell of a shot. I was working on a rifle for him when we lost him. Damned shame.

I hope you appreciate these, and just so you know, I’m breaking up the collection here. But since the collection’s all going to you anyway, I guess you can get this where it belongs.

Make sure people remember, sweetheart. I’ve done my best to keep their memories alive, and now I’m trusting them to you. Don’t let them be forgotten.

All my love,

As ever, when she found one of these messages from Howard, she had to take a few minutes to breathe through it. She really did miss him.

Then she growled a little, because, he loved to issue his orders. It was sweet at first, but then every subsequent letter had some sort of little command or directive in it, and now she kind of wanted to throw things at him. But, of course, he was dead, so she couldn’t, and he’d probably known that, and basically, even after death, he was kind of a jerk.

Do this, do that, family legacy, blah blah blah. “I love you Howard, but shut up.”

Once she got past that little emotional whirlwind, she lugged the trunk and the bag out of the room and up to the ground floor. Then she called Bucky and gave him directions to the garage. And now she was waiting and staring at the trunk.

She was very tempted to open it all up. What would she find? Dirty laundry? Hopefully not — 70 years of stank? Gross, pass. Girlie mags? That would be hilarious, and she would give him so much crap. Would there be books? The trunk was heavy enough. Old letters from a sweetheart or two? He was popular with the ladies, back in the day, everybody knew that. Did they send him little notes with lipstick kisses and a spritz of perfume?

What would Bucky Barnes carry off to war with him? And what would he keep once there?

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Remus going through a depressed stage and the marauders thinking it was the moon. But when they realize it's not Sirius just does even more stupid stuff in class just to see him smile again. And then after a few weeks remus just whispers his thanks.

YAYAY (Do tell me what you thought of it, k?)

  • Everyone knows that Sirius Black hates his family the most. I mean, of course they did, considering he wore a shirt saying ‘I hate my family the most’ for an entire month.
  • But the hatred he doesn’t advertise is the one that makes his blood boil-his hatred for Remus’ frown.
  • It’s not like it doesn’t look good on Remus, nothing looks bad on Remus. But it’s just that the only time Sirius likes to see his eyebrows scrunched up is when he is on top of Sirius and moaning.
  • And everyone knows Sirius Black is not a complainer. He is a doer. 
  • “Remmy, wake up, sweetheart,” Sirius said, pushing away Remus’ hair from his face as he stirred with a groan.
  • “‘is ‘oo erry, mphh.”
  • “Remus, baby, English please,” Sirius said with a smile, running his finger through his boyfriend’s soft brown hair. 
  • Remus pushed himself off the bed and squinted at Sirius. “What’s with all the nicknames?”
  • Sirius shrugged, a blush colouring his face. There was no way he was going to admit that he’d read Marlene’s girly mag that suggested using sweet nicknames to make your boyfriend feel loved. “N-Nothing. Just. Wanted to wake you up with something nice.”
  • Remus just frowned. “I wake up to your face everyday. That’s nice enough for me.”
  • “Oh hush you,” Sirius says fondly. “So what can I do for you? Breakfast in bed? Singing? Cuddling? Blowjob?”
  • “Sirius, I’m pretty sure one blanket is enough, there is no need to wrap me up, two, three more,” Remus said, befuddled with his boyfriend’s behaviour as he watched Sirius then proceeded to wrap himself around Remus too. 
  • “Shh, I want you to have all the comfort you can get, love.”
  • (Heard in the background-”What about our comfort, bitch? How are Peter and I meant to sleep with no blankets?!?!”)
  • (”Stop being a baby, James. Man up and use the hangings on the bed.”)
  • “God, James, he’s thinking sad thoughts again. Look at his sad eyes,” Sirius exclaimed.
  • “Sirius, we’re in class, please don’t do something stupid.”
  • Yes, Sirius, singing ‘love will keep us together’ to Slughorn and forcing him to do the cha-cha with you would be considered extremely stupid.”
  • “Sirius,” Remus whispered, eyes wide and wet. 
  • A chill ran down Sirius’ body at seeing the tears in Remus’ eyes and he quickly crossed the space between them, taking his face in his hands. “What’s wrong, babe? Did someone do something? Did I do something? Sometimes, I don’t even realize it and I’m so sorry if it was me-”
  • “Shut up! Shut up, you idiot!” Remus said, grabbing him by the back of his neck and kissing him in a way that made Sirius’ toes curl. “Nothing’s wrong,” he said when he had to stop to breathe again. “I..I was looking through your trunk for my snuffles sweater and I found…You..You’re trying to find a cure for me?”
  • Sirius blushed. “I…I just. The full takes such a toll on you, even a week before, you become so sad and I…it breaks my heart to see you like that, love.”
  • “I-I wasn’t sad because of the full moon, Sirius,” Remus said, a blush making its way from his neck to his cheeks. “I…Oh god, its so unmanly but…I was missing my mom. And…yeah.”
  • Remus!” Sirius said, personally offended. “No one that can make me moan the way you do can ever be unmanly. Trust me.”
  • Remus chuckled, nuzzling against the warmth of Sirius’ neck. 
    • “Speaking of moans…”
  • Sirius barely has any comprehension left in him by the time they’re done so it takes him a couple minutes to realise that Remus is talking.
  • “…so lucky with you. I don’t even know how I got you..”
  • “Remus,” Sirius mumbles, pushing himself closer to Moony. “Talk to me when you haven’t just screwed the brain capacity out of me, ‘kay?”
  • Remus grinned, forcing Sirius to look at him before softly and sincerely saying, “Thank you.”
  • Sirius smiled and kissed his boyfriend’s nose before putting his head against Remus’ chest and saying, nonchalantly, “Don’t thank me just yet.”
  • “Please don’t do anything stupid,” a concerned Remus muttered.
  • (Of course it wasn’t stupid to pay off Mundungus to place an illegal portkey at the edge of the dark forest that would take them to Remus’ house a day before the full moon.)