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Susan Pevensie - House Sorting 

When she first stepped into the Great Hall, her eyes gazing at the floating candles, she knew this was an extraordinary place, one that would give her something. As an 11 year old, Susan Pevensie often emulated her mother, and in turn, many of the adults in Finchley cooed over her genteel manners. At first it had been fun, but then the other children made fun of her, and once Peter returned for Christmas with his pockets full of chocolate frogs and licorice wands, she quickly lost all desire to be someone that she wasn’t. She wanted what Peter had and badly. She wanted more than Finchley and days spent discussing the town gossip and sipping tea. She wanted to prove herself, to the parents and the children, that she was Susan Pevensie and she was not someone to take lightly.

Of course, reputations have their power. Everyone knew of Peter’s younger sister, and so, everyone assumed she would follow in her older brother’s footsteps and become another lion. Oh, how wrong they were. The Sorting Hat pondered for a good thirty seconds, flip flopping between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, before settling on the house of the snakes. That was that, and Susan hopped off the chair to a group of people that would push her to greatness.

More than just making friends that wanted something out of life, Susan made her own place. She could feel magic course through her veins, sparking her awake and dulling her senses to sleep. It was exhilarating, that constant sense of power. She felt unstoppable, and so she became unstoppable. Although she got by in her studies, making no huge strides, she pushed her fellow Slytherins to prove the school wrong: they weren’t evil or dark, but people that could and would change the world. She aided students in their studies and prodded the Headmaster to expand the curriculum to include Muggle Studies. Her 15 year rule made her chin go higher and her heart grow heavier. But the spark, the magic, it never wavered. Nobody was surprised when she got the Prefect badge, nor when she became Head Girl her year. Everyone had long ago realized that Susan Pevensie was not somebody to take lightly. Susan Pevensie was a force to be reckoned with.