Read this totally beautiful poem written by bisexualklausmikaelson and wanted to do a reading of it.

Backing music is “In A Box” from the Legend of Korra OST.

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i. gods and monsters, both alike,
have sung me stories of a girl
with seastorms in her eyes
and sunshine in her veins.

(they tell me that she is a sleeping legend
a girl who can walk on water
and fly me to the moon and back)

ii. below the horizon,
over the whispering ocean,
there is an island
made of wildflowers and sea urchins.

(the gods tell me that this island is cursed
for anyone who dares to cross it
falls in love with a blue eyed girl).

iii. you meet her once,
when your heart is shipwrecked
and she is lost at sea

(she drives you mad,
tells you how she could bend the earth
like it’s a part of her,
an extension of her body)

iv. the monsters, they say,
that falling in love with her
could cause an apocalypse.
but you have a lion-hearted soul
and you’ve never once feared
the end of the world

(maybe, the only thing you ever feared
was losing your father,
and instead, you watched him
become a monster)

v. since then, you’ve kept your heart hidden

love, for you, was a dangerous thing
but when she walked in to your life
and flooded your dreams with gold
she made you feel a love so strong
you swear you wanted to drown

vi. there is a saying you know,
about white picket fences
and homes made of starlight

(and you take her hand and you tell her
that you’d like to see the world through her eyes)

now the gods and monsters
they tell me a different story
a tale about a girl
who fell in love with another girl

and won the war

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