Read this totally beautiful poem written by bisexualklausmikaelson and wanted to do a reading of it.

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i. gods and monsters, both alike,
have sung me stories of a girl
with seastorms in her eyes
and sunshine in her veins.

(they tell me that she is a sleeping legend
a girl who can walk on water
and fly me to the moon and back)

ii. below the horizon,
over the whispering ocean,
there is an island
made of wildflowers and sea urchins.

(the gods tell me that this island is cursed
for anyone who dares to cross it
falls in love with a blue eyed girl).

iii. you meet her once,
when your heart is shipwrecked
and she is lost at sea

(she drives you mad,
tells you how she could bend the earth
like it’s a part of her,
an extension of her body)

iv. the monsters, they say,
that falling in love with her
could cause an apocalypse.
but you have a lion-hearted soul
and you’ve never once feared
the end of the world

(maybe, the only thing you ever feared
was losing your father,
and instead, you watched him
become a monster)

v. since then, you’ve kept your heart hidden

love, for you, was a dangerous thing
but when she walked in to your life
and flooded your dreams with gold
she made you feel a love so strong
you swear you wanted to drown

vi. there is a saying you know,
about white picket fences
and homes made of starlight

(and you take her hand and you tell her
that you’d like to see the world through her eyes)

now the gods and monsters
they tell me a different story
a tale about a girl
who fell in love with another girl

and won the war

Sunday Night Music Club: Ghost Town

Tonight we’re featuring ‘You’re So Creepy’ from Ghost Town! You can submit your own remix of the song for a chance to win the ultimate merch prize signed by the band - get all of the details at now.

Creepy girls
You’re just my style
Blood-red lipstick
You don’t smile
Falling victim to your fantasy
Damn, I love it that you’re so creepy

Now you’re risking it all
For some creepy girl
With a blacked out rage that’ll cast a spell
Don’t tempt her—she’s got those evil eyes

Way Back Then

Do you remember 
remember when
we were so young
way back then
summer walks
without a care
games had rules
life played fair
you were the girl
with laughing eyes
teaching me love
in wordless sighs
our first date
a kiss goodnight
you were mine
and all was right
then life grew hard
dreams detained
yet through it all
our love remained
there were tears
along the way
yet we made it
together today
and as you smile
like way back then  
I smile knowing 
we’d do it again

Dear White Ferguson Police Officers

I am a 14 year old African American girl
who is close to having her first book published

I am a 14 year old African American girl
who goes to a near all-white school and gets along
with everyone just fine, since that seems to matter
so much

I am a 14 year old African American girl
who lives in a white, “don’t even whisper
after sunset” neighborhood,
which again shouldn’t matter

I am a 14 year old African American girl
who babysits a 4 year old white child on 
a regular basis. She’s like my little sister,
the most precious child to my heart

I am a 14 year old African American girl
who hasn’t received a B on my report card
since fourth grade

I am a 14 year old African American girl
with a future so bright, it would water the dry
eyes you have

I am a 14 year old African American girl
apart of a race I am tired of seeing
accused and murdered with an absent reason

I am a 14 year old African American girl
who lives in the presence of both parents, 
my dad being my hero - never left my side

I am a 14 year old African American girl
who is tired of you focusing more on the color
of someone’s skin rather than the lone
bag of Skittles in their grocery bag

I am a 14 year old African American girl
who is titling you as a child, playing tag with
your gun

I am a 14 year old African American girl
who is aware that some blacks made bad decisions
but if you thought like a human, you would know that we 
are all good people who make bad decisions

Dear White Ferguson Police Officers, you are just the same as an African American
The only difference is you have a badge to ease through life,
An amicable relationship with the judge,
And hatred towards the African American race,
just because we can’t help but bring at least some
color in the world

So the next time you point your pretty little
gun at my people, just know that you are
aiming to shoot someone just like you
Someone with a beating heart,
a mind,
and structure

Dear White Ferguson Police Officers, if you painted
yourself black
we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference

A Gravity Falls Poem/song thing about Soos As he wanders the wastes because why not?

The sky’s crying blood

It comes down in a flood

And stains me right down to my soul.

Broken hands broken knees

We’re going to freeze

The five of us down in this hole.

The world had gone mad

The food is all bad

My friend Joe has lost his left eye

Kimmy, the girl

With her ribbons and curls

She can do nothing but cry.

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Tori and Jade are dating but an argument causes them to break up. While they’re apart, both of them have flashbacks (b/w) of their times together and realize that neither of them want to let the other go. 
(This was made by me on VideoPad Video Editor. Enjoy!)