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I'm surprised you're still getting asks about respecting opinions! So! To all those folks who think all opinions should be respected: opinions do not exist in a vacuum. The ideas expressed in racist/homophobic/sexist/transphobic/etc. opinions help perpetuate those harmful/hurtful/fucking dangerous ideas. So no, not all opinions need to be respected. Especially not when they contribute to hurting other people!


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Woowww that is some bs. Why does he HAVE to have a major role. Why can’t he just be a damsel in distress. Why does the one female led superhero movie we’re guaranteed to get have to pander to male feefees smh.

THANK. Also, I think it kind of does Trevor a disservice. He’s a smart, capable guy–but he’s also not as strong as his girlfriend and needs help and needs to be saved. I think he’s just human! It makes him relatable to both the sexes! Why is this vulnerability never questioned when women are the damsels in distress?

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RIGHT?! There’s one episode where he makes a feast and I was like dayuuummm. I want me some of that even though I know it’s human heart.

He makes the idea of cannibalism far less savage and much more classy. If only that show didn’t put me to sleep. I feel like I would really enjoy it. I think it’s the calmness of the episodes…I mean it’s brutal but there’s not a lot of yelling til the climax at the end if that makes any sense.

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The 1975!

  • Favorite member:

matty healy

  • Prettiest member:

matty healy

  • Member I Wanna Marry:

matty healy

  • Member I Wanna Be Best Friends With:

matty healy

  • Favorite song:

god idek… probably heart out.

  • Unpopular Opinion:

i’m not ashamed that it’s harry’s fault i started really listening to them

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I am you. You are me. We are lamenting the same things. I just want to touch his face. And Harry Styles’ abs.

Tom Hiddleston’s everything. Uggggggggggggggh. I seriously shed actual tears because I remembered he existed and I would never be able to be in his presence (granted it was like 5 in the morning and I was totally sleep deprived, but it happened).

Tumblr Crushes:

DAMN, SO CLOSE. I am determined to one day have my Tumblr crushes be people I actually all know. Innerflame, I have never heard of you so it slightly boggles my mind that you are my #1 crush, LOL. But I digress. I AM FOLLOWING THE REST OF YOU AND YOU ARE ALL AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU :D!