GIF Reaction Masterlist!

BTS Reaction to:

Partner being a Belly Dancer

When you cook dinner after a long day of practice

Going Camping

Holding their child for the first time

Meeting their partner’s parents 

Significant other showing up to work with their child

Girlfriend rolling around to get their attention

Girlfriend slapping them during a fight

Wearing glasses

Taking your time shopping

Taking care of their sick friend

A random player touching their girlfriend’s butt

Beating them at a video game

Accidentally kissing another boy in the paper-kiss game

Girlfriend is G-Dragon’s sister

When you can’t open a bottle of juice/water

Girlfriend comes home really late

Another member being flirty towards their sister

Significant other snorting while they laugh

Flinch during an argument

Girlfriend got sunburn

Self Harm Scars (the only one I’ve ever done and will ever do)

Crush says they’re asexual

Your favorite character in a book died

Make parents like their girlfriend

Scars on chest due to heart operation

Crush overstudies for university exam

A lot of guys flirting with their girlfriend

Burglar breaks in

Girlfriend goes to confront the burglar

Member gets into a fight

Baby reaches for breastfeeding from them

Offered to buy them a drink

Lesbian roommate introduces them to her girlfriend

Girlfriend wearing sexy clothing

Fangirling over another K-Pop group

Convincing their sister to like their girlfriend

Waiter flirts with their girlfriend

Girlfriend has naturally grey hair and clicking bones

Fell in love with a girl overseas [long]

Girlfriend throws their personal stuff through the window

Best friend being broken-hearted

Younger sister dancing sexily with another member

Boyfriend coming out to their family 

Girlfriend is asleep and is hugging a teddy bear

S/o crying over their song (not in a bad way)

Meeting their girlfriend’s older twin brother

Girlfriend has abs

Someone insulting their family

If they all fell in love with the same girl

Cuddling with their girlfriend [kinda long]

Younger sister threw a party without their knowledge

Liking a noona from San Francisco, CA

Interrupting them with a kiss

Finding out their crush is Greek

Meeting their older sister’s boyfriend

Sister wearing revealing clothes

S/o cooked a dish of their national cuisine

Girlfriend is pregnant and they find out

Going to the club and they see you dolled up

Taking your relationship to the next level

Accidentally walking in on you changing

S/o crying over a K-Drama

S/o being sassy and winning an argument

Finding out the like a 99 liner

Girlfriend having tattoos

Girlfriend’s funny Korean poem

Someone trying to touch their sister at a party

S/o is a dancer

Creepers are hitting on you

Trying to tell you they like you, but you only speak English

You being your loud usual self

Bumping into a tomboy who’s shirt is off the shoulder

Running into a petite girl

Winning them a stuffed animal at the fair

When you’re having a baby girl

Girlfriend has a different guy as her wallpaper

Watching a sad movie with their Girlfriend

Comforting you when you’re crying

When they found their Girlfriend smoking

When they find out their Girlfriend can play/sing very well

When they find out their Girlfriend can compose

Girlfriend doesn’t want to be a housewife

Daughter is dating another member’s son

Younger sister wants to audition to be a trainee

Meeting their newborn baby sister

Another member made their Girlfriend cry

Going on a boat/tubing with them

Girlfriend can’t sleep at night

Crush is close to another member

Girlfriend being afraid of thunderstorms

You refuse for them to meet your parents/family

Your girl group mentions them on Weekly idol and they fangirl

They find where you put your underwear

They meet your overprotective brother and dad

Your bias from another group gets hurt

Girlfriend taking a shower

S/o got into a car accident [Very LONG]

Girlfriend is crying but she won’t say why

Manager’s daughter gets more attention from their Girlfriend

Teasing Girlfriend of being short

Girlfriend is taller

When you fail your driving test

When their child says something creepy

When you have sleep paralysis

When they can’t open a jar/bottle but their Girlfriend opens it

When other members look at Girlfriend’s cleavage

When you have body insecurities

You walk into them praising themselves half naked in the bathroom

Best friend is genderfluid

Girlfriend sneezed very loud

When they’re getting a new member who’s a girl

Meeting your overprotective big brother and father

They find your underwear drawer

When you refuse to let them meet your family

Girl group you’re in gives BTS a shoutout on Weekly Idol

Comforting you during a thunderstorm

Crush is close to another member

When you can’t sleep at night

Going tubing (on a boat)

Another member makes you cry

When they hold their newborn sister for the first time

Little sister wants to be a trainee

Their daughter is dating another member’s son

Hearing their GF sing/play an instrument for the first time

When they see their GF smoking

Watching a sad movie with their GF

Finding out you’re an assassin

When you give them a flirtatious look across a table

S/o playing complex piano piece

Other member having a boyfriend

Paired with famous rapper/singer that they admire on WGM

Forced to read dirty fan fiction (Y/N x BTS member ship)

You tell them you’ve never kissed before

Kissing at the top of the Ferris Wheel

Meeting a rookie girl group that reminds them of themselves

Watching a funny compilation of their GF

When you buy them a car for their birthday

When you want plastic surgery

When you’re a messy eater

When you wear their sweaters/t-shirts

Locking yourself in the bathroom after an argument

What goes through their mind as you sing

When you have a kiss scene with an actor who says you’re their ideal type

They find out you’re bisexual

When they scare you while you’re watching a horror movie 

When you write a song about them

When V brings home a slug/toad

Finding out you’re a cop

When you’re a blood donor

Taking their GF to get their ears pierced

Discovering your collecting of old and new BTS merch

When they like a girl who has a child

When you love another boy group 

Convincing their plus sized GF she’s beautiful

GF asks BTS to shave her legs because she’s lazy/sick

Cuddling BTS in your sleep (Best friend)

GF is rocking out to their songs late at night

When their idol crush’s ideal type is another member

GF is super into the arts

Catching their GF cheating

Confessing your love for BTS member to your parents and they overhear

Surprising them after their concert in another country for their Bday

You break up with them because you think you’re in the way of their job

Find you upset over the Prologue video

You freak out over a Bee

Find out their GF has depression

Find out their GF may have to move to another country

Finding out their girlfriend’s Ex was verbally abusive

When they see your old girly bedroom

When you speak french to your parents

You having ruptured ovarian cysts and how they’d cheer you up

Meeting you (online friend) and you’re shorter than they expected

Beating GD/TOP at a rap battle

Finding their GF asleep at her desk

Watching their GF play LoL/CS:Go and she’s really good

When you ask them for a pet

When you surprise them with matching PJs

When you tell them they’re your first kiss

GF calls them dude all the time out of habit

Telling them you’re a vegetarian

Them coming home and finding their daughter asleep in their hoodie

When you fail to do a dance move 

When they see you with fluffy hair after blowdrying

When one of the members says something about your weight and he defends you

Finding out you’re infertile

V pranking the other members by PD-nim informing the others that he’s going solo

Asking them to go to prom with you

When you’re kidnapped and they get a voicemail saying they’ll never see you again

When Rap Monster sets the kitchen on fire

When you confess to them and they friendzone you

When you perform your version of Dope/Cypher 

How Would ______ React to:

Your horrible past [Suga, Jin, V]

Girlfriend doing aegyo, but rejects their skinship [Jin, Jimin]

Finding their ideal type at a fansign [Maknae line]

Being paired with an American Idol [Suga, Jimin, Jungkook]

Asking them to marry you [Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook]


BTS as old men

Imagine This:

By the fire with Suga, ruining the mood by saying “Infires” [my favorite post pls]

Taehyung introducing himself shyly