*on the phone to my gf*

Gf: My eggs are bursting!

Me: What do you mean, your eggs are bursting?

Gf: You know, when you put eggs into really hot water and they start to crack.

Me: Ohh! Ok, I thought you meant you’re eggs were bursting, like, you got your period..

I think we just came up with a new way to say we’re on our period.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to write for my blog, one of the things that popped into my mind was the difficulties women with larger breasts can have. Being a D cup at the best of times I’m certainly not in a position to give advice regarding such matters. So say hello to my good friend Samma… She’s blonde, gorgeous and just like me, she loves lingerie!

I invited Samma, who is an E cup, to be my guest and write a little piece on her tips for those with DD+ breasts. She covers strapless bras, sports bras and includes a few other helpful tips to help you make sure you have the best support! She’s also included her top three go to brands for DD+ lingerie. In this image Samma wears Chantal Thomass lingerie while I wear a set from Bras N Things. For all you ladies out there who feel you fall into this category, I hope this article is helpful!

You can check out the article at

If there’s any topic regarding lingerie you’d like to know about, feel free to comment below and I’ll try to include it in future posts on the website! :)


Kerry Washington Segment of GirlTalk 08-31-13 in Dallas, TX

I’m uploading the full GirlTalk session as well - sorry this takes so long but it’s a 1.5 hr long video. 


GirlTalk Session from MegaFest 08/31/13 in Dallas Texas: Full segment that was available on the livestream.

I started out this morning thinking of this as another Kerry Washington appearance.  But it was so much more than that!  I was touched by the powerful words and thoughts of all these women, not just on this video, but what I was seeing on Twitter from the ScandalFam.  So much positivity and blessing and gratitude.

As Tangela said, we had GladiatorChurch today. 

Whether you are a man or woman,  a person of faith or not, we can all get something out of this video about remembering to value and believe in yourself and your special-ness.  Life is a blessing, even if you are struggling, you are breathing in and out reading this right now - that alone is a blessing.

I hope everyone has an amazing day and try to carry some of that with you forward into every day going forward.  And when we forget and get all kinds of evil, try to find our way back to it. 

Thanks to all the ScandalFam who live tweeted today!  Scandal is a television show, but it has created a community!