Pussy Tea (make your kitty taste great) 😛

1. You will need: a bag of frozen or fresh cranberries, 2 cinnamon sticks, loose tea leafs (I use a cinnamon blend from David’s tea or plain black tea) and liquid cranberry pills (this is optional but you should have these already if you want a tasty 🐱)
2. Add one cup of the cranberries to a pot of 4 cups of boiling water.
3. Pop in the cinnamon sticks and add a table spoon of the loose tea.
4. Cut open 1-5 cranberry pills and add liquid to the water (optional but works faster)
5. Let boil for 5-10 mins.
6. Remove from heat and strain the liquid into a cup.
7. Drink up! I swear by this and it’s soo tasty, sweet and doesn’t add any extra calories to your diet! This will make your kitty deadly sweet so I recommend drinking this at maximum 3 times a week !!!

You Are Enough

He knows he’s doing it all right. He thinks he can make any girl fall for him. He treats you like all other girls. He shows more care to his game life than to his love life. He is not there for you when you are crying yourself to sleep. He doesn’t even know that your cuts are getting deeper day by day. He seems to not notice that you are feeling miserable. You feel like that’s the way you should be treated. But no, you shouldn’t be treated like a fucking burden. Please know that you are not a burden. Go run, scream, and listen to what you just shouted: you will then know what you really want to do. Love is not enough to stop you from moving on. 

Mr Too Nice Update.

On my last post I discussed my run in w/ Mr Too Nice. Well since then he reached out via text to say he was very happy to see me and finally meet the boyfriend. I told him I felt the same although it was a bit awkward. He then asked why.

Well I didn’t tell you guys that many many years ago even after I decided to longer see him as I was emotionally unavailable we remained friends. I mean I’ve always said when dating you may not find the love of your life but may gain a friend in some instances. Well let’s get back to the gossip. We remained friends and he met a girl One day he wanted me to meet her officially at a gathering in DTLA. Unfortunately I can’t remember why I couldn’t go. So I text him that I appreciated the invite but could no longer go.

Fast forward to the next morning, I saw my phone had a text from him. So I assumed it was him saying no worries or maybe next time. Instead it was a vile text from his girlfriend. Telling me that he had a girlfriend and to stay away. Keep in mind he had invited me to meet this girl. When he saw this text he immediately called me to apologize. I told him it was ok but do to her aggressive text I didn’t want any drama. I’m a drama free girl. And even though we were just friends I didn’t want to continue to talk to him as she obviously had issues. But I wasn’t that harsh with my words with him. In the end it wasn’t him who text me. I wished him all the luck and we didn’t talk since until our little run in the other the day.

So fast forward to our conversation today. When he asked me why I felt awkward, I asked him if wasn’t this the girlfriend who text me all those years ago being so mean to me. He said oh no, not the same. He told me that was a bad time in his life and again apologized for her actions. I told him he need not apologize I was just glad it wasn’t the same girl.

I was courteous and wouldn’t have been any other way since I don’t like drama. But I was very relieved. He said we could be friends jokingly.

Phewwww That was close.

Glad it wasn’t that other chick haha

Has anyone else had a run in with crazy girlfriends of friends?


*~*girl talk*~*

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