write autistic protagonists

write autistic girls

write autistic super heroes, shapeshifters, guards, royalty, teachers, and literally every role/title that exists in literature

write autistic parents, who are good parents, who are loving parents, who use their quirks to help their children succeed and grow

write autistic love interests. write autistic people as people who other people have crushes on, who are worthy of that kind of love, who can get date, get married, and do literally everything we’re told no one would want to do with us

write autistic lesbians. write autistic bisexual characters. write autistic pansexual, asexual, and aromantic characters.

write autistic characters who aren’t just side characters whose autism sometimes is a “burden” to the main Alistic™ protaganist. write us as more than a trope for your allistic audience to sympathize with and feel sorry for. Write us boldly. Write us like real people, who have feelings, complexity, and worth. We aren’t a cheap trope.

the only think that makes me feel not shitty about like sex in regards to myself is yaoi/gay comics but it’s all rape and it’s making me wanna die why can’t you nasty straight girlswrite about gay dudes that aren’t coerced or repressed!!!