Strangely good hotel lighting… I guess I can pull off jerseys too! So who wants to be on my team? ;) #teammates #hotelroom #goodlighting #selfie #handtattoo #tattooedgirls #baldgirl #girlswithshavedheads #girlswithglasses #buzzcut #bmtartanredtouchdown #blackmilkclothing #sharkie

First photo in years that I can look at and say “yes, that is me”.

If you want to shave your head, do it! There is nothing more liberating. 
It is Good practice for Confidence! The first time I shaved it, I felt odd and unfeminine. I wore a bandana everyday to try and cover it up. This time around, I roll out of bed & leave it alone.. BUT I always wear a huge SMILE! :) Who defines your femininity? I feel more free than every before in my 21 years!!! 

If you like your long hair, Great! If you don’t like your long hair, OFF WITH IT!