<p>Today I did something I am really happy about. I got a tattoo - I never got another tattoo after I met my ex because he told me they were unattractive (though at the time I already had 3). This year I have been reclaiming my body, remembering what *I* like as far as dressing and getting tattoos, my hair, all of it - I have never been happier with how I am presenting myself to the world.<br />
&bull;<br />
Got today&rsquo;s piece done in Portland, ME by @watsunatkinsun at @hallowedgroundbodyartstudio - with my partner in crime, business, and life, @decomprosed . <br />

First photo in years that I can look at and say “yes, that is me”.

If you want to shave your head, do it! There is nothing more liberating. 
It is Good practice for Confidence! The first time I shaved it, I felt odd and unfeminine. I wore a bandana everyday to try and cover it up. This time around, I roll out of bed & leave it alone.. BUT I always wear a huge SMILE! :) Who defines your femininity? I feel more free than every before in my 21 years!!! 

If you like your long hair, Great! If you don’t like your long hair, OFF WITH IT!

i’m aware that this happened five seconds ago, so maybe my adrenaline is just skyrocketing right now, but maybe not. 

my hair was nothing more than a wall i was building. every time i told myself to keep with it and grow it out it wasn’t for me. it was for my family and my friends, and acquaintances, and quite honestly even for complete strangers. 

kayla kept telling me to just do it. i shaved half. my hands started shaking. i started hacking hair off with my scissors. i buzzed the whole side, kayla buzzed some of the top, and all the sudden there i was in the mirror. but not the girl i thought i was. i don’t think i’ve ever looked in the mirror after a haircut and felt so RELIEVED. I look beautiful. Not because my hair is just so. Because even with out that stupid security blanket, I am truly beautiful. I’m feminine and strong and i don’t need to change a goddamn thing. 

if you have considered doing this, i will say in my personal experience it was worth it. I wish I wouldn’t have waited! I understand it’s not for everyone, but for me it was the best thing I could’ve done.