The 1st Annual NYC Girls Skate was a huge success. Thanks @nat2legit and @girlsskatenyc for putting this amazing skate for the lady rippers of NYC. #girlsskate 📷: @robrod151

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Not only girls should wear pink

The color pink is being used to give status to girls within the skateboarding community. Last year “the Pink Helmet Posse” started with films, a girls crew and lots of pink skater gear to inspire girls to go skateboard. The legendary skateboarder Cindy Whitehead, who started the “Girl is not a 4 letter word” campaign, also choose the color pink in her design to give emphasis to her message to acknowledge and encourage all female skateboarders.

When I started skating I was the only woman in the indoor skate park. My first female skater friend was a 16 year old girl who texted me and urged me on several occasions to meet up and skate together. I am 42 and being 25 years her senior I was touched by the fact that we were so lonely and that despite the age difference we needed each other.

After a couple of months mums and dads started to show up on sundays with their little girls in the skate park. Suddenly little pink helmets popped around. Pink, being the universal little girl color, became a symbol of our right to be in that room which had previously been reserved for men and boys.

Around the world parks give special hours for girls to try and change the structural imbalance within the skate community. And in all youtube clips and photos and facebook posts you can see the little girls wearing pink shirts, helmets or protective gear. I am proud to wear my pink trousers on the sunday skate to show the little girls that I am one of them and that we are us.

Isn’t it time for our male supporters to start wearing pink, to show us that we are one of them?


Next time I’ll wax the ledge 🙈 #girlsskate #girlskateireland #girlswhoskate

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Qué tal Annika Vrklan que con tan sólo ocho años destruye el bowl de la Combi Pool Classic de Vans, muy bien Annika!

Ya queremos ver que nivel traerá dentro de unos años! (Cuidado Nyjah Huston)

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