May I just share a mini testimony with y'all? Please please really dwell on today’s #jesuscalling #devotional ! It’s all about waiting on The Lord to guide you through His will and finding amazing joy in the wait.
I have waited 6 months for The Lord to show me what I was to do for the summer. I am so humbled to share that I will be doing research at the Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center in New York! After not being matched with 10 professors around the country, I’ve finally found my match. Although at times I doubted Him, He was waiting until my faith was on point. Only then was, I was ready to receive my blessing. So trust God and never falter. He’s always got your back. He just wants to see how long you’re willing to wait for Him to reveal Himself. The best things in this life are always worth the wait! Have a blessed day everyone!!! #pray #seek #christian #christianliving #givethanks #girlslivingforjesus

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