Here’s an incredibly cringey one! On the left is a really bad screenshot of a video I took of myself with a GoPro at a very unflattering angle, about three years ago; I was trying to look scary for the video and boy did I succeed 😟

On the right is me at an unflattering angle about one week ago. My family claims they miss the face on the left… well, maybe not exactly the way it looks there 😂 but personally, I really do not miss the face I had three years ago.

TERF scum commented on some previous photos of mine saying my “Y chromosome is obvious, look at those gross hips”.

They’re not my greatest feature, in fact I’m on a waitlist to have them surgically replaced because I have avascular necrosis as a result of being born with both legs broken, but like of all features they could’ve attacked they take a jab at my hips?

Hips come in all shapes and sizes regardless of gender. Maybe my prosthetic replacements will be to their liking 😒

My cis and trans lesbian girlfriends say they’re cute, so TERFs I dunno maybe stfu? kthxbye~


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