What I’m going to pretend is the end of Gilmore Girls

It’s Luke and Lorelai’s wedding reception, everyone is laughing, Luke and Emily dance. And Jess shows up and tells Rory she looks beautiful and congratulates her about writing the book. Then he says he knows a couple of people in New York who can help her once she is ready to publish it. They smile at each other. He takes her out to dance, mirroring the scene of Luke and Lorelai dancing at Liz’ wedding.

Fast forward to a year or two later, Rory comes back home from her book tour, it’s a best seller, there’s even talk about a movie. Luke is super proud, he has copies of the book everywhere and a whole shelf on the diner. Andrew wants to have a book signing, everyone wants to name a street after the Gilmores. Emily is running the spa alongside Michel and surprisingly getting along with Lorelai better than ever.

Rory and Jess have been dating. Lorelai sees how much he’s changed and they get along so well. Most importantly, he makes Rory happy. No games. No lies. 

After saying hi to everyone in town, Rory and Lorelai go back home to hang out alone. They’re sitting outside, coffee mugs in hand, looking to their lives. Their house, their porch, the chuppah, the Jeep… 

And then 



“I’m pregnant”

Max Caulfield Aesthetic

‘’To all of you American girls
It’s sad to imagine a world without you
American girls
I’d like to be part of the world around you
Driving a car by the sea side
Watching the world from the bright side’’

Titanium/Flashlight Mashup
  • Titanium/Flashlight Mashup
  • Bechloe/Barden Bellas
  • Pitch Perfect

SO I just made this because I thought these two songs go together really well and they’re both perfect for our girls

it’s super super rough - I made it with Audacity >_< Will make a better version later when I have all the equipments :D

UPDATE (June 28th):

I edited the track a little to fix some parts that were offbeat. And since some of you have been asking for a download link, here it is. Thank you again SO much for listening! The responses to this have been absolutely amazing, I kinda can’t believe it :’)


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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,229

Warnings: None

Song: Thunder (acoustic) - Boys Like Girls

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I’m aware that Nathan Prescott has fucked up

his situation is fucked up
he doesn’t want to be in it
he called his father fucked up
his father is pushing him to do this shit

when I say “do this shit” I mean he’s trying to make him drug girls

Nathan doesn’t want to drug girls
it’s possible that he drugged Kate, I seriously think he wanted to help, but he probably was made to take her to the dark room
Jefferson did the rest from there
Nathan has been abused
Nathan is being manipulated 
Nathan has been drugged and posed with a potentially dead girl on him
Nathan can’t open up about things or it could risk his or someone else’s lives
Nathan has been abused and manipulated for a long time 
Nathan feels trapped
Nathan thinks everybody hates him
Nathan gets hate off of the whole town for being rich, or for the works of his father alone 
Nathan parties to take his mind off of all the shit he has been through, just as Chloe smokes and drinks
Chloe is a victim too, of different things but similar in some ways
Chloe has lost her father
Chloe possibly has been hit by David a few times
Chloe has had her best friends/possibly girlfriend disappear in her life
Chloe has felt like no one is there for her
Chloe has been drugged

They’ve been through some similar things and some very different things

Chloe acts out sometimes, she is a teenager who is still growing and developing with all the shit she’s been through. She can be aggressive and as we all know, she can try to steal money from handicapped people, Kill Frank and his dog, talks about how she would like to drug people, blames everyone around her for everything that has happened in her life and of course, plans to murder Nathan as well as taking a loaded gun to the school.

Their situation is completely screwed up, Chloe isn’t a bad person, she has good intentions (most of the time) but we’ve seen her more vulnerable side and seen more of her story, she is a victim herself and some of the shit she’s been through is horrible. She isn’t perfect, although 90% of the fandom thinks that she is and then instantly hate on anyone who likes Nathan, claiming that he’s a rapist/murderer (he didn’t touch anyone or do anything like that, it’s even said in unused dialogue) 

Chloe is not perfect. She acts the way she does because of the way she grew up and the things she has been through. it’s normal for teenagers to act out.
Nathan is not perfect. He acts the way he does because of the way he grew up and the things he’s been through. it’s normal for teenagers to act out. 

If they both didn’t act out, it would mean that Nathan is okay with what is going on, Nathan could happily drug girls and do all sorts of messed up stuff if he wanted to, but then he wouldn’t have meltdowns and he wouldn’t be as messed up because he would actually want to do it. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to do anything of that nature and doesn’t really have much of a say in it. Chloe would also not act out if she felt like her life wasn’t going to shit and that a lot of bad things have happened to her.

Chloe acts out from the things she has been through. She is not perfect. She is not bad. She fucks up, like everyone does. 

Nathan acts out from the things he has been through. He is not perfect. He is not bad. he fucks up, like everyone does.

I want to just keep on saying this so people can understand 

If you hate on Nathan for the shit he’s been forced to do/accidentally done, you might as well hate on Chloe, I mean let’s face it, Chloe accidentally KILLED herself in episode 2. She could have accidentally shot Max. she was drinking alcohol and using a loaded gun. but when she does it, it’s totally fine and okay? She did it for fun (Shooting the bottles) 
Nathan carries a gun with him for his own safety, possibly also a side effect of having PTSD (If he has it, which I would not be shocked if he did) 
he has pulled a gun on someone and accidentally shot them, he also pulled a gun on Warren when he was being beaten. 

I like Chloe. She is just as human and as valid as anyone else.
I like Nathan. He is just as human and valid as anyone else.

They’re very different, but in a lot of ways ..quite the same.

Drag Queens ≠ Transgender Female

It might not seem like a big deal. But these two are not the same thing. Just be aware because this can lead to misunderstandings of the two

a liryc for bad girls

it’s night, it’s muggy, do i don’t give
a hoot about anything and any potential
seductresses blurred at bus stops

skimpily dressed bodies in sizes
s&m, fishnet stockings thighs, fingers deft and nice
which can ce something salty in mouth

I wany to hum but I can’t
name that tune. there’s only a dry sobbing
when o, so drizzly the night appears

under the eyelids like in hackneyed cover
of a bdsm group: how to lick wounds accurately inflicted?
reaction must be instantaneous like a shutter

a flash, a castle and I, lightning up and umconquered

liryka dla niegrzecznych dziewczynek

jest noc jest parnie więc gwiżdżę
na wszystko i wszystkie potencjalne
bałamutnice rozmyte na przystankach

roznegliżowane ciała w rozmiarach
s&m, kabaretowe nóżki, zręczne paluszki
które bywają niekiedy słone w ustach

chcę nucić pod nosem, lecz nie wiem
jaka to melodia? jest tylko szloch suchy
gdy dżdżysta wydaje się być noc

pod powiekami jak w zgranym coverze
grupy bdsm: jak lizać rany celnie zadane?
rekcja musi być błyskawiczna jak migawka

flesz, zamek i ja rozjarzający się i niezdobyty

liryc by Kamil Zając

Translation into English: Magdalena Bartnik