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How does one ask a girl on a date? I'm girlshy and don't understand how to do this without making it weird and I know a lovely lady who is in my friend group. I've secretly liked her for quite a bit. (I hope you feel better by the way, you said you were feeling depressed. I hope answering this distracts you from whatever is going on)

courage. if you’re girlshy and she’s a pretty good friend there might not be much to do in the way of avoiding feeling a little awkward/weird doing it. just be straight forward and wait for a decent moment when she isn’t preoccupied, around other people, etc. and be prepared to take whatever reply gracefully (guys are more conditioned for rejection than girls but i’m assuming you aren’t used to being shot down if you’re girlshy and anyways it always sucks if you really like the person–not saying that you’ll prolly get rejected or anything, but there’s the possibility, she could say no bc she considers the friendship at risk, etc., y’know what i mean?). i can’t really tell you how to do it, but you know her so you know what she’d like too, so there’s that, you aren’t in the dark. lykke til! :) 

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I think you assumed wrong on the three anons. I separately sent in one that probably looked like it was from him as it was sorta similar. (Guy that was a bit girlshy)

oh my bad, i read girl(-)shy as girlish(-)y, sorry dude!