So after a few days of deliberating, I’ve decided the best way to give back to all my followers and supporters is to do a HELLOTHERECALUMHOOD BLOG AWARDS 2015! (edit creds goes to my pal clummyhood)

—- categories —-


  • Best band URL
  • Best Ashton URL
  • Best Calum URL
  • Best Luke URL
  • Best Michael URL

Fave girls

  • Fave Ashton girl 
  • Fave Calum girl
  • Fave Luke girl
  • Fave Michael girl

Most Likely To’s

  • MLT date Ashton
  • MLT date Calum
  • MLT date Luke
  • MLT date Michael

Best Blogs

  • Best updates
  • Best writing
  • Best fake texts
  • Best edits
  • Best 5SOS blog overall

—– How to nominate —–

  • Follow me
  • reblog this to spread the word please!!
  • send me an ask that says “I would like to nominate _________ for ________”
  • you can be the nominee or you can nominate someone else!

—– other info —–

  • there will be one winner for each category 
  • the winners will be decided by how many likes/reblogs each nomination gets
  • the closing date is the 9th August

—– winners receive —–

  • a follow from me (yay i hear you say……)
  • a preference, and a fake text with your fave 
  • all my love
  • a place on my faves page
  • promos 
  • basically whatever you want within reason lol

So yeah,get nominating and good luck! (if this gets no notes, my bad)