I’m Tired Of Being Grateful For Whatever Bone The Plus Size Fashion Gods Want To Throw Me

I’ll say it: I’m super disappointed with Ashley Nell Tipton’s new collection. A t-shirt that says “I love you” on it? A pencil skirt? A faux-leather pleated skirt that looks straight out of 2012? Groundbreaking. The only item that’s the least bit original is a moto jacket with a chiffon layer, and it looks like something you’d find wilting in a Hot Topic sales bin.

I’m sick of the same, tired silhouettes and prints. I was disappointed with Rebel Wilson’s collection, Melissa McCarthy’s collection, and almost every other goddamn plus size collection put out there by a celebrity. Beth Ditto’s Spring line was the only one that dared to play with shapes, unique prints- to go outside the typical plus size fashion box, and I adore her for it, truly.

I also realize that, because these celebrities have partnered with retailers like JCPenny and Torrid, their hands are a bit tied and they can’t get very daring with their designs, but I’m sick of being served peplum tops, graphic t-shirts and lifeless, bland crop tops as if they’re new & fresh. I’m tired of being told I should be grateful for whatever bone the gods of plus size fashion want to throw me; plus size women deserve better.

I want current, high-fashion runway designs filtered down for the everyday woman. You can easily find all the gorgeous, luxe fashion trends reflected in regular sizes- plus sizes deserve to rock the exact same looks.