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Saying "white girls are evil" and other phrases you picked up on tumblr doesn't make you #woke or whatever you want to call it. You can't just drop a polarising statement and then be all like uh oh all I do is post selfies let me live. Your political apathy is offensive. Not your tumblr activist statements.

i didn’t get that phrase from tumblr. my whole life as a black girl i have been taught to hate myself, whether it be direct or indirect, by white women. in the media, at school, everywhere. i’ve lived it. way before i joined tumblr. i said white women don’t threaten me- they don’t! i also said that i’m pretty- i am! when i say white women are evil, i say it because of my experiences as a black woman. not for notes on tumblr. thanks for the message, though.

Playing with Fire pt. 9

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Pairing: Suga x Reader

Genre: Gang AU

Other parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Author’s notes: Wasn’t feeling Girl Meets Evil this week, so here’s another part of Playing with Fire! Also, my classes have started back up, so updates might not always happen on time anymore! Or they might be pretty short. I’ll do my best to refrain from keeping you all hanging though! Enjoy <3

Worried was the understatement of the year. Suga had been on the verge of tearing up the whole town when you didn’t answer your phone, and there seemed to be no sign of you at your house. One of the boys had even contacted Rose and Lisa and while Lisa also didn’t answer, Rose did and relayed to them that you and Lisa had gone to see a movie after school. He had known something was wrong immediately and while he had wanted to go searching the town for you, Jin reached out to the leader of Vixx.

Despite the mutual dislike between both of the gangs, Vixx has the best tracker. Ravi. If anyone could find you quickly, it was him and according to N, Ravi had been close to the movie theater anyway. So while he did that, he and Jin went to the meetup spot. Only a few minutes after they had arrived, N called to let them know that Ravi had found you and Lisa being attacked by seven high school boys. Suga and Jin had known immediately that he was talking about JB and his friends. After telling Suga that Ravi would meet the boys there after having your wounds tended to, N said he was also on his way before hanging up the phone.

Still, even though you had been found, Suga didn’t like the fact that you were with Ravi. And considering the fact that BTS and Vixx don’t typically get along and Ravi’s harassed you before, he felt like he had every right to not be calm. Antsy with worry, he paced back and forth in the parking lot of the abandoned warehouse that the meeting was being held at. This is where they typically met whenever they needed to meet Vixx about something. It wasn’t right smack in the middle of town and allowed for them to be discreet since no one came here.

Being that this wasn’t somewhere many people came out to, Suga stopped pacing when he noticed a silver Lamborghini pulling into the parking lot. N would be arriving in a black SUV like he usually does, so that had to be you and Ravi. Taking a few steps closer, he stopped when he heard Jin’s voice.

“Wait,” the older boy said, keeping himself leaned against the driver’s side door of his truck. With the Lamborghini windows being tinted, neither him or Suga could be one hundred percent positive it was you. So just in case this ended up being a trap, he wanted Suga close enough to be able to grab one of the guns he had stored in his car.

The Lamborghini came to a stop not too far away from where the boys were, and Ravi couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“Look at him,” he said to you as he shut off the engine, nodding at Suga. “He looks like he’s about to piss himself with worry.”

Giving the male a quick glare, you focused your attention on the mint colored hair boy. He did look like he was worried, but it’s not like you were flattered. You hated that you were the cause of his stress. Gripping tightly onto the backpack that Ravi had returned to you, you didn’t get out of the car right away. You were sure that Suga would end up scolding you. He always scolds you.

“What? Did you change your mind?” Ravi asked teasingly, pulling you from your thoughts. “Your welcome to come back with me to my place.”

Making a face of disgust, you exited the vehicle. Being in the presence of Jin and Suga, the safe feeling you usually felt when you hung out with BTS started to return to you. Honestly, these boys felt more like home than your actual home, and you knew it was because they cared about you and vice versa. You’ve proven to them more than once that you’re a loyal person who wasn’t hanging out with them for your own personal gain.

Adjusting the beanie on your head, Suga’s beanie, you walked over to him and Jin. You always kept his beanie in your backpack, and once Ravi had given you back your backpack, you hadn’t wasted any time in taking it out and putting it on. In a way, it made you feel closer to Suga, even when he wasn’t around.

“Are you okay?” Suga asked, looking you over when you stopped in front of him.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You mumbled. Besides being shaken up, you weren’t covered in bruises. The medicine Ravi had given you earlier was starting to kick in, so you felt fine. Looking down at your shoes, you waited for him to start fussing at you. However, instead of doing that, he wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you to his chest.

“I’m glad you’re not hurt.” He said softly, holding you close against him. Even though you were surprised by his reaction, you lifted your arms and wrapped them around him.

“We know what happened. JB and his friends are dead.” Jin threatened, coming to stand beside Suga. He was obviously not happy with what had happened. He wasn’t always quick to show you how much he cared, but he wouldn’t tolerate any of his friends being messed with.

“You think that’s a smart idea? We don’t really need a gang war, do we?” Ravi piped in, coming to stand a few feet in front of his car.

“Nobody asked you.” Suga snapped, pulling away from you to glare at the older male. Just because Ravi saved you doesn’t mean that he was gonna start being nice to him. He still couldn’t stand Ravi as much as he couldn’t stand him the night he messed with you.

Pretending to be hurt, Ravi placed a hand over his heart. “It’s that anyway to talk to your hyung? Especially since I saved your girlfriend here.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Suga replied much too quickly for your liking. You knew that was the truth, but it still stung a little. Frowning, you noticed Ravi looking your way, and you quickly wiped the disappointment from off your face. You didn’t need to give him something else to tease you about.

“Ah,” Jin nodded past Ravi. “N’s here.”

Leaning to the side a little so that you could see, you watched as a black SUV pulled into the parking lot. Coming to a halt next to Ravi’s Lamborghini, the male walked over to the SUV and opened one of the backseat doors. While one guy got out of the back, two guys got out from the front. You recognized them too as the guys that had been with Ravi that night. The guy that got out of the back was completely unfamiliar to you.

Adjusting the long black coat that came to just above his knee, the tan skinned male walked forward. Not even acknowledging Jin and Suga, he smiled brightly when he saw you.

“Aigoo~” He exclaimed unexpectedly “You foriengers are always so interesting to look at. Come closer,” he gestured you to come to him with two fingers.

Was he the leader of the gang? The one who wasn’t as tolerant and forgiving as BTS? If so, you weren’t sure what was so scary about him. He didn’t look like he was capable of hurting anyone with his soft eyes and bright smile.

Cocking his head to the side, the male smiled sadistically at you. “Don’t make me tell you again.” He threatened.

The chill that ran up your spine was enough to make you back into Suga. Nevermind, scratch that. Something about him gave you such a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. Like the smile on his face was a cover up for how dangerous and demented he really was.

Stepping closer to you, Jin placed a hand on your lower back and pushed you forward. “Go.” He demanded in a hushed tone, and even though you were slightly frightened, you did as told. You just didn’t trust this N guy. What if he was looking to get vengenace on you for Suga attacking his guys? You’ve already been through enough today. You wouldn’t be able to take anymore.

Once you were close enough to him, he grabbed both of your hands. “Yeesss, I can see why Ravi wanted you.” He mused, forcing you to turn slowly so that he could continue to examine you with nothing but awe and admiration on his face.

“Speaking of which,” you spoke as you faced him once more. The best way to start this would be to say you were sorry for what happened. “I just wanted to sincerely apologize for being the reason why Suga attacked your men.” You told him, coming back around to face him.

Half listening, N waved off your apology. “Please, Ravi, Hongbin, and Ken are always getting into trouble.” Glancing at the members of his gang, they exchanged grins and smirks with one another. Obviously, N wasn’t lying. No wonder why Ravi hadn’t been bothered when you were at his house. He’s use to getting into trouble.

“Besides, you’re not the one who attacked my guys.” And just like that, all amusement was wiped from N’s face as he looked over at Suga. Completely serious now, he took your hand and went to stand in front of Jin and Suga. “You are.”

The tension that started to surround you all was thick and almost suffocating. Not showing any signs of being bothered by N’s harsh gaze, Suga flicked some hair out of his eyes.

“Well, they were harassing my friend. Was I just supposed to standby and let them kidnap her?” He spoke disrespectfully, and Jin shot him a glare. He was supposed to be apologizing. Not talking back.

“I’m not here to argue with you, kid. I set this meeting up because I was told that I’d be receiving two apologies. Your friend already gave me one.”

This whole thing was depending on Suga. Both you and Jin doubted that you all would be safely going back home if the boy didn’t apologize. Staring at Suga, your eyes were basically begging for him to just apologize so that this whole thing could be done and over with. And honestly, if you hadn’t been here, he wouldn’t have apologized. He was only doing this for your sake.

“I’m sorry.” Suga said through clenched teeth and looked away from N.

“And that’s that!” N smiled, content with the fact that he had gotten Suga to apologize to him. “It’s all water under the bridge now.” Chuckling, he looked back at you. "You’re one brave girl for befriending these low lives.” N tsked before lifting up your hand and kissing the back of it. It was obvious that this meeting was coming to an end. You wondered if all their meetings were this short. Then again, it had only been set up so that Suga and you could apologize to N.

Letting go of your hand, he shoved his own into the pockets of his jacket and continued talking. “You’re playing with fire, sweetheart.. and the encounter you had with my boys was only a scorch mark compared to the flames you’ll go up in if you keep hanging around these lost boys.” He gestured to Suga and Jin. Pausing, he replayed that last part in his head. “Lost Boys. I think I’ll call you that from now on.” He grinned at the two boys before glancing at you. “Guess that makes you their Wendy.”

You, Jin, and Suga said nothing as N turned and walked back to the black SUV. “I don’t want anymore trouble from you boys, got that?”

“So long as you don’t give us a reason to be troublesome.” Jin shrugged with his arms crossed over his chest.

“We’ll stick to our business, you stick to yours.” N agreed before getting into the car. Hongbing and Ken also got into the car, and it wasn’t long before the SUV was leaving the parking lot. Not leaving immediately, Ravi approached you. You were expecting for him to make some smart ass comment, or to even mock Suga for having to swallow his pride and apologize. 

“If you ever find yourself in trouble, or simply get tired of hanging out with little boys,” he gave Jin and Suga a shit eating grin before looking at you. “Give me call, okay?”

Okay, well that was unexpected. Searching his face for any sign that he might be pulling your leg, you weren’t sure if you wanted to believe him or not. He looked and sounded sincere. However, you probably wouldn’t ever take him up on that offer. Instead of answering though, you just nodded your head.

Coming forward, Ravi placed a kiss on your forehead before swiftly turning to leave. Waiting until he had gotten into his car and left, Jin came to stand right beside you. The tension had been lifted, and an issue had been avoided.

Throwing his arm around your shoulders, Jin grinned at you. “Well since that’s over with, I say we celebrate. We managed to avoid getting into a war with Vixx. That’s quite the success.”

“And it was all thanks to Yoonie!” You added, somewhat teasing Suga. Rolling his eyes, the boy looked as if something was bothering him. You knew better than to question him about it now. Plus, Jin didn’t seem to care and was in a good mood that you didn’t want to ruin.

“Yoonie oppa, you’re so awesome.” Jin said, making his voice higher to immitate a schoolgirl.

“Oppa~ you saved us.” You joined in.

“You two are so annoying. Let’s just go already.” Suga snapped and moved over to the truck.

Looking at each other, you and Jin laughed, amused that you both had gotten under Suga’s skin.

Alcohol and abandoned freight trains was the way to celebrate in the minds of BTS. Jin had called all the boys on the way to buy liquor with his fake id, telling them all to meet him at the spot. It was a place you had never been to before, and you were sure it was because they don’t just bring anyone here. The freight trains and tracks were rusted from years of going unused, but it didn’t bother the boys any. They liked that this place was deserted.

Climbing to the top of one of the freight cars and then hopping over to another was a task that you surprisingly didn’t mind. After traffic blocking and then getting drugged, nothing really surprised you anymore. 

Sitting between Jimin and V, you smiled softly as the sun began to go down. 

“We’ve got the perfect view.” Jimin grinned, and you nodded your head in agreement as V rested his head on your shoulder. One by one the boys stopped talking, all of them taking in the sunset and appreciating the fact that this was something that they were able to see.

“You guys should’ve seen Suga today.” Jin broke the silence after a few quiet seconds, taking a swing of  his alcohol.

“Ugghhh, not this again.” Suga groaned. You and him had both decided not to drink. You didn’t want to risk your father smelling it on you, and Suga was going to be the designated driver since he was the only one allowed to drive Jin’s truck. As Jin started teasing him with the other boys, Suga stood to his feet.

“Y/N, take a walk with me.” He demanded and held out his hand to help you up. With no hesitation, you took his hand and carefully climbed to your feet. It didn’t take you both long to climb down from the freight train, the gravel crunching under your shoes as you began walking.

It was quiet between the two of you, and you knew it was because something was on his mind. He hasn’t said much since the meeting with Vixx ended. You and Jin have been doing most of the talking with him giving a short response every now and then. You figured, that since none of the others were around, it was a good time to see what was wrong.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah.” Another short reply. Pouting, you crossed your arms over your chest. 

“Why do you do that?” You questioned. He had told you to stop letting people push you around and even though he wasn’t necessarily doing that, you were going to speak your mind. This had been bugging you for awhile now, and you didn’t like it.

“Do what?” He kicked at a rock with his foot, not even bothering to look at you.

“You just…” Sighing in slight frustration, you stopped walking. It took him a few seconds to realize you weren’t beside him, and he stopped and turned to look at you. “You act like you care one minute, and then you’re back to being cold and distant the next. It’s annoying.. and if you don’t want to care, then just don’t care.” You hoped you weren’t coming across as rude. You were just trying to make a point.

Surprised by your sudden boldness, Suga didn’t say anything right away. Expressing himself was hard, but he understood what you were saying. He’s just acted like this for such a long time that it’s often hard for him to turn it off and show how he’s really feeling. There was also one another thing…

“I’m scared..” He admitted, and his confession caused for your eyes to widen. None of the boys have ever expressed their fears to you, and maybe that was the problem. “I’m scared that if I get close to you.. or touch you.. something will go wrong and you’ll leave.” It wasn’t an irrational fear, and you could see why he felt that way. He’s an orphan so besides BTS, no one in his life has ever stuck around.

You wanted him to know that you weren’t like everyone else. "I’m not going anywhere, Yoongi.” You told him reassuringly, moving closer to him. “How could I after everything I’ve been through with you and the others? It’d be like losing a part of myself if I left.

Staring at each other, you started to get that feeling in the pit of your stomach. The same one you had when he had been super close to you in the hallway. The one that made you want to pull him closer and kiss him. Clearing your throat, you looked away from him.

“Ah, it’s beautiful tonight isn’t it?” You asked, lifting your eyes up to the night sky. Changing the subject seemed like a good idea. You didn’t want to end up doing something stupid and embarrass yourself. “You can see the stars so much better out here since there’s not any bright street lights.”

“Y/N.” Suga stepped closer and took your hands in his, forcing you to look back at him. His face was serious, and you were hoping that he wasn’t about to fuss at you for something. “Don’t call Ravi. Ever.”

Blinking, you had completely forgotten about Ravi and what he said. Obviously, Suga hadn’t. You wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what had been bothering him. Truth be told, you didn't’ really have intentions of ever calling Ravi unless it was an absolute emergency.

“If you need anything, I want you to come to me.” Suga told you seriously. “It should be me that’s always there for you. Not him.”

Feeling your face heat up at how adamant he was about being there for you, you nodded your head. “O-Okay.” You had no problem going to Suga. He’s helped you out plenty of times before, so you knew he was capable of solving any problem you managed to land yourself in.

Still holding onto your hands, he seemed relieved that you agreed to what he had said. So relieved that he smiled softly at you and opened his mouth to say something else. 

“Would you like to go on a date with me?”


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wouldn't it strike you as odd if someone said "black girls are evil" idk

odd? that would be racist and untrue. end of story.

The Wings Tour in Seoul Day 1 Setlist

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