girls: fact fiction

I have a bunch of paragraphs that might one day become an absurdly long fic about Lance and the Blue Lion being BFF.

(The basic plot is ‘You can keep mental conversations with your lion and Blue really likes having someone to talk to after spending 10000 years stuck in a cave on Earth. Also, Lance is her Paladin and she goes full Mama Lion on him’.)

Anyway, I wrote the Mandatory Angsty Scene that doesn’t fit anywhere and that only exists because I’ve been lurking on the “Lance McClain” tag for a week and it’s full of langst (what did this kid do to us that we keep hurting him?), so of course I was influenced, but which I don’t think I’ll ever use for anything, so here it is, in all its glory.

He’s about to get killed and his first thought is that he didn’t fold his clothes before leaving his room.

It pops into his head, that his clothes are strewn across the room and someone will have to go in there to put everything in order at some point. Thank goodness it won’t have to be his mom.

He’s never seeing his mom again.

He’s never going home again.

He’s never taking Blue to Cuba.

Blue might be destroyed here.

“I’m so sorry, Bonita,” Lance whispers, not caring that the others might hear him through the comms.

Blue’s warm in his head, as sorrowful as he is. She’s mourning him, because she might survive, but he most definitely won’t.

“You could at least try to comfort me,” he tells her, sounding far more amused, far more cheerful than he feels.

He can distantly hear the others calling him through the comms, giving instructions to try to help him, or just repeating something (his name, the word 'no’, pleads), but he can’t pretend he has any chance of surviving.

“I’ll remember you,” Blue says.

And, okay, that is actually a comfort.

Mads Langer

Ah, he has such a nice voice. ^_^

Imagine a world without me - say you’re falling apart
Let’s pretend you’ve missed me for a while
Wouldn’t you say you were lonely and love was breaking your heart?
Put on your Sunday best and fake a smile

I dream of dreaming dreams of her - in twilight she’s a constant blur
The picture is clear and I’m still fact she’s fiction

Remember the night you were with me - fell asleep by my side
Strangers together - your hand in mine
How come we never came closer when all the stars were aligned?
I thought we had a moment

I dream of dreaming dreams of her - in twilight she’s a constant blur
The picture is clear and I’m still fact she’s fiction
I seem to miss the missing part, she’s still my favorite work of art
The picture is clear and I’m still fact she’s fiction

Nothing has changed cause I’m still fact - she’s fiction
Or I may be imperfectly formed in this contradiction

I dream of dreaming dreams of her - in twilight she’s a constant blur
The picture is clear cause I’m still fact she’s fiction

I fell in love with her longing - let’s just say that she never found out
Who it was she never found in me 

Mands Langer - Fact-Fiction

You know you cast / a long shadow / on the ground

The preparation of your breakfast had lost my focus for a little while as I smiled out of the blue. I always loved wearing your shirts in the morning, just your shirts, the collared ones. They were always much too big for me, but that was what I loved the most. Well okay, I lied, they smelled like you, that man’s smell that a woman can’t stay away from. I always begged for you to leave me one, so it was as if you were always here. Occasionally I’d tug on the collar a little, just to bring it closer to me.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you more beautiful than you are right now”, you casually spoke as you entered the kitchen, walking right up to me. If I wasn’t smiling before, I certainly was now. My train of thoughts disappeared as you stepped up behind me, against me, before I ever had the opportunity of turning around to face you. The touch of your lips along the side of my neck were enough, they thrilled me every time. You know those little teases? The kisses, your moist skin, the warm breaths. Shivers.

Your arms wrapped around my waist as if you never wanted to let the moment slip away. Your lips trailed from my neck, towards my jawline, leaving not a single inch of skin untouched, as you gently guided me to turn around to face you. The look you had in your eyes truely made me feel more beautiful than I’d ever felt. The soft way you had when you’d trail your fingers along my cheek and down my neck made me feel even more beautiful, it was as if you were admiring every inch of me.

It never took me long to react to you, my fingers would carefully be running themselves along your temple and part of your cheek bone. And then it happened. The sensation that would run through me when you gently pulled my body against yours and your lips touched mine, I could never quite explain. You always hated when I’d respond to a kiss like that with little teases, even if you adored the outcome every time. You know, the soft tug on your lower lip, the playful licks along your upper lip and the warm breaths to them. But the teasing never lasted long, I loved you just a tad too much to be able to wait so long.

I never knew if it was just because I wore your shirts…