Rowan Blanchard Speech At the Women’s March Los Angeles on January 21, 2017

If women, if queer people, if people of color have survived in a world this long that refuses to represent them that must amount to a force much greater than one man with nothing more to invest in than his ego. We have been forced to know how to fight since day one and this is our advantage. When I get dysphoric, I ease in determination. When I hear the quiet voice in my head that tells me, ‘We have done this before. We know how to do this.’

In order to make these changes, we must be aware and constantly acknowledge our privileges. This means understanding and admitting that a majority of the white woman vote went to Trump, and we must work harder to make people aware that racial bias and gender bias cannot be separated, they work together.

—  Rowan Blanchard. Age 15, Woman’s March LA

“ I’m  glad  you  have  been  my  friend
                         in  the  time  of  our  lives. “