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What do you think bangtan would be like if they were born in The states or UK???Like fuckboy, nerd etc etc 🙈


DAY: Well … he will be Jay

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NIGHT: he will still be Jay but naked

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DAY: A model university student at Harvard

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NIGHT: Working on a website that will make him drop out from it later and be called Namjoon Gates

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DAY: He will be a reality show personnality as he is both handsome and entertaining

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NIGHT: Not letting any girl in the world sleep or get married because Mr Woldwide Handsome is still single and free

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DAY: Yoongi loves music so much no matter the weather, the country or the planet. he will be a producer at first

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NIGHT: Turning up at sold out concerts. He will be one of the best selling artists of our times. Eminem would want him to marry his daughter Hailie, but yoongi only loves music. Too bad! Too bad! 

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DAY: A prodigee dancer that mastered every dance style

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NIGHT: Turns off his phone because Beyonce is still trying to join him so he can choregraph her next song. He likes keeping his work and personal life seperate. He is secretly dating an athlete But the paparazzi still can’t find who.


DAY: Handsome innocent english professor

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NIGHT: Drag queen to leach his sass

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DAY: worked so hard as a bunny at disney land

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NIGHT : trained hard to become later an athlete with numorous golden medals making him the golden pride of his generation

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Well that’s all in my head hahaha. I hope you enjoyed reading it ^^
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Every time I think I’m okay with the lack of closure regarding GMW, I come across posts with people saying Rilucas is very similar to romantic Corpanga or posts where people still believe that Maya liking Lucas was a misperception/an identity crisis…….and I just ughhhhhhhhhhh

where’s that real q&a we were supposed to get when you need it??

y'all strangers is a song where 2 gay girls sing abt being in love and use she/her pronouns in the song, AND those two women are a member of the worlds biggest girl group rn and a rising alt artist whose first album went platinum. it’s no3 on the itunes charts and it’s a single. this song is gonna get radio time + lots of young girls r gonna get to hear a song about a f/f relationship on the radio sung by 2 v famous ppl and tbh I cannot stress th he importance of that enough.

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So I had a crush on this girl for about half a year and I finally decided to tell her. And so I asked her if she wanted to be my date to this formal at our school, she said yes. And a few days later I ask her to be my girlfriend, she said yes as well. It has been about two weeks now and I am so glad to say that I am dating the most beautiful and wonderful girl in the world!

precious and pure 11/10 good post

//friendly reminder that raven is no longer “upgraded” ( bc it was, you know, killing her ) and monty will have to be the main person when it comes to hacking into the ark’s computers and coding. friendly reminder that monty and raven have different specialties and that doesn’t mean raven still isn’t a fucking incredible genius. 

friendly reminder that monty can do stuff too.


Just got done decorating my personal work space at American villian tattoos and appearal here in NY. Most of the art you see on the wall are prints of my original work. Besides the nuka cola poster, evangelion stuff and the fallout 4 perk sheet which is not my work.


After release by Boko Haram, 82 Chibok girls reunited with their families

  • The Chibok girls Boko Haram kidnapped and recently released have been reunited with their families, according to CNN.
  • The 82 young women are among the 276 whom members of the militant Islamic group took from a boarding school in the Nigerian town of Chibok over three years ago. 
  • Following their release in early May, the girls have been transported to Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja, where they rejoined their relatives in a celebratory ceremony on Saturday, CNN reported.
  • “Today I thank God, my daughter is alive,” Yahi Bulata — the father of one of the abducted girls, who is now 21 years old — told NPR. Read more (5/22/17)

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