alattenightsstudying  asked:

I am a girl. 4"11. Dark long hair and brown eyes. Light skin. I enjoy reading and writing. Also big on studying. We would go for coffee then walk to a park sit and have a pic nic you'll tell me about your day or favorite book or whatever you want:)

aw you’re so lovely 100% would date

anonymous asked:

Could I have a newsie name? I'm a 15 year old girl with brown hair and blue eyes. I love to sing and write music (Its what I want to do for a living), I'm a huge clutz, I'm a bit of a goofball, I'm a bit of a tomboy but I'm horrible at anything sport-related, and I'm always up for an adventure :P

I like adventures! -Les

Your newsie name is…! -Crutchie

“Treble!” Got no idea what it means, but Medda said it when she was talkin’ ‘bout music once… -Finch