{23.07.16} // 89 days to O Levels

[11-13/100 days of productivity]

// what is cold war even. //

for the past few days i’ve been revising and trying to improve on my electives, ss and history by doing practice papers, doing notes and seeing teachers for consultation. i can definitely say i’ve improved because for the first time ever i scored really well for my ss sbq practice AND i finally understand some topics in history!! (*´▽`*) hope you guys are doing well too!!

when you ask her her favorite hero and she says superman

is there anyone who is good at designing tattoos that would be up for drawing something for me? I have an example of what I want, but I want to tweak it so it’s more original. I would greatly appreciate it.

honestly i don’t know why i thought otherwise 🙄 I didn’t even watch the episode to find out, I just looked on twitter.

I’m about to shift back into “so stressed I feel like I’m going to throw up” mode and I just…no.  No.

I literally have no idea how I’m going to get all my things packed by Friday and I think I’m going to burst into tears right now.  Whoops, too late, crying.


[160721] Mnet M Countdown performance