“Get Back Up Again” Clip | TROLLS

So the studio screened the film for us last night and it was SO SWEET!!! This song in particular showcases the strength and creativity of the art design (goodness me, I want to own plushies of EVERYTHING) Congrats to everyone on the crew–what an outstanding film!!!

PLEASE GO SEE TROLLS.  It will make you laugh–you like laughing, yes?

My only worry about them being in talks about getting a Season 4 for Girl Meets World on a new network is that they might change what is happening on the show. Rilaya is the relationship on the show. If the only way that this show can get picked up is to promise to have a hetero relationship with the leads then no thanks. Riley and Maya eventually being in a romantic relationship with each other is the only reasonable place for this show to go.

Maya’s head full of Rileys. Riley’s head full of rainbows and unicorns. Friends of Dorothy. In Christopher park. The brick and the statues. Maya’s heart full of hope. Maya’s drawlings. They are going to marry each other. The direct comparison to the other end game relationships on the show. Sense and sensibility. Whatever you want. I would do anything for you? I know. That girl pushed those doors open with the power of love. If this is my world now, the first person i want in it is you. I know that if you’re lucky in life, you get an extraordinary relationship. My mother and my father met each other very early and stayed together for the rest of their lives. Our first boyfriends, Maya. Who knows how long that’s going to last? We’re going to meet new people all of the time. But, if there’s one thing i know for sure in my life, it’s that you are my extraordinary relationship, Maya.   

This is where the show has been building, unless it is blatant and terrible queerbaiting the like of which i have never seen, then that is where the show is going. I don’t want more show unless it continues where it began.