Top girl group A PINK is back with “FIVE” MV!

Do you love this delightful tune?

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for which dancers are you rooting for at tda las vegas? :-)

Mini female: I would love for the top 3 girls to be brooklin (winner), brightyn and sabine and lets be real brooklin will win (im pretty torn bw brooklin and brightyn, i wish one was going to orlando)
Mini Male: Jt (winner), jonah benyamin, roman pesino, shane wexelman

Junior Female: I have this sneaking suspicion the top 3 will be avery (winner), ella horan and ava brooks
Junior Male: Easton (winner!!!!!), tristan, holden kunowski

Teen Female: Lauren Yakima (winner), and its a real toss up who else will be top 3. I am thinking maybe megan goldstein, ellie wagner, mia maxwell or olivia alboher??
Teen Male: Ryan Maw (winner), jaxon willard, and i would LOVE to see josh ukura in top 3, but maybe carter williams

Senior Female: Simrin (winner - no doubt), no clue who will join her in top 3
Senior Male: im thinking either christian smith or timmy blankenship will win (I <3 timmy)

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Relationship status: Singel, idk what else to say really😅

Favorite color: on clothes black (at least if I wear them). In general all pinks, baby blue and navy blue.

Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick. I think. Idk. I like both. (Story of my life trolololo)

Last song I listend to: on spotify Iron Maiden - evil that men do. But really it’s like, lucky luke theam song or something (work related).

Top three shows: shadowhunters, Riverdale and new girl/13 reasons why.

Top three characters: Magnus Bane (aka love of my life), Jace Herondale and Veronica Lodge. (I LOVE SO MANY MORE THOUGH, LIKE ALEC, IZZY, BETTY, JUGHEAD, HELMET, ETCETCETC)

Top three ships: MALEC, Sizzy and jughead+archie (unsure of their shipping name?)

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hello again doll!! I was wondering if I could get an hc or imagine for going to like a trampoline park with the gang?? Johnny/ Dally love interests? I just need to take stuff off my mind with your awesome stuff thanks, man

- Darry does a lot of flips and tricks

- Steve tries to do the tricks too

- but he highkey hits his head

- they have a contest on who can jump the highest

- Johnny won!

- Ponyboy falls down a lot

- but he always exclaims that he’s fine

- Sodapop gets super hyper because he ate a lot of candy beforehand

- so like eventually he crashes and has a pretty bad headache

- Dallas didn’t really expect to have too much fun

- but he probably had the most fun out of the gang

- Two-Bit pretends to lose control mid-air practically the entire time

- he “falls” on top of girls

- overall they had a great time!

Also could you clarify about Johnny/Dally love interests please? Sorry if I’m just being dumb about this…


Croptops are for everyone!!

Boys can wear croptops
Girls can wear croptops
Nonbinary people can wear croptops
Trans people can wear croptops
Fat boys can wear crop tops
Fat girls can wear crop tops
Fat nonbinary people can wear croptops
Fat trans people can wear croptops
People with stretch marks can wear crop tops!!

Everyone can wear croptops



“big girls shouldn’t wear crop tops”
“big girls shouldn’t wear rompers”
“big girls shouldn’t wear short shorts”
“big girls shouldn’t wear tight dresses”
“big girls shouldn’t wear jumpsuits”
I’ll wear whatever the hell I want, and look damn good in it 😍😍 seeing a big girl with big confidence INTIMIDATES them. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t wear something because of your body type. Big girls CAN and SHOULD wear whatever they want. 😊💖


A History of Violence - Part Two (completed)

Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader - A/B/O

Part One Here

Summary: You and Sam are a bonded pair with four children. You’re both interrogated by the police who are convinced that Sam and Dean are running a criminal enterprise.

This falls into the same AU as The Brown Bottle, Moonlight and The Derby

Warnings: Language, violence, dom/sub overtones. mentions of: knotting, breeding, claiming, giving birth, assault, mention of rape

Words: 4600+

Betas: @saxxxology & @moonlitskinwalker

Your name: submit What is this?

Interrogation: Sam

Sam sits on a tiny chair in a small room, wrists in handcuffs resting on the table in front of him. He’s been waiting for the better part of three hours without so much as a hello from anyone. He’s got a pretty good idea of what’s happening, at least the basics. He can’t say he wasn’t expecting to be brought in for questioning, he was, however, unprepared for the SWAT team knocking down the door to the mobile office at their construction site.

He takes a deep breath, running his hands through his hair. While he’s not new to being on this side of the law, he’s never been left to sweat in the box for this long.

He gets it, they’re proving a point.

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